What Navy Guys Are Saying About Diapers

What Navy Guys Are Saying About Diapers

EVERYTHING (3)My husband’s friends are surrounding me in our front yard having a few beers talking about their secret plans to avoid changing diapers. So according to a bunch of Navy guys three sheets to the wind this is “The Game Plan”. Once they realize the baby has dropped a bomb they would say “Hey baby, your little angle wants you. Can you say no to this face?” Then stage two of the plan is to quietly leave the room and hide somewhere that they cannot be found for about a half an hour. By the time you realize that your little one needs a diaper change dad is long gone and you do the mom thing. So ladies there is the well thought out plan of dads and future dads to be.

This is the first moment I have had in days to relax and just be a person and instead I am writing to all of you talking about being a mom. I do believe this qualifies as overtime! Laugh. I remember when I was a teenager if a whole bunch of our friends were coming over I would have spent several hours preparing the house and dolling up to look my best. Now…I told them if they were coming over in the dinner hour then they would have to chip in for pizza. As an added bonus I am sitting outside with my hair in a ponytail in my hubbys pt sweats and jacket with a laptop on my lap in lieu of a baby.

When I think of what I would do in any given situation before I was mom just amazes me. Now I think what would I talk to these people about? Maybe I could brag about how Payton started to teeth like crazy today breaking her fourth tooth. Gage did the cutest thing today and tripped while playing ball screaming “I’m OK.” before he ever hit the ground. All I have to talk about is being a mom. I know that someone out there knows how I feel. In fact there are so many mom blogs out there that I am sure someone else right now it talking about the same thing. However if you are still reading at this point thank you for choosing my rants and raves to relate with. To add to the visual imagery that is this moment everyone is drinking cheap beer and in the grass beside me is a ginger ale. Hats off to all breastfeeding mamas. Ironically enough my little one just woke up ready for a feed so I must say goodbye for now. Remember to always check your babys diaper before your husband disappears! Good Luck.

-The Sticky Apron


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