What My Four Year Old Taught Me About God

What My Four Year Old Taught Me About God

This week I learned that spiritual maturity has nothing to do with age. It is funny how God always seems to teach me through my children especially considering when I first became a mom I thought it would be the other way around. My son wanted to spend some alone time with me which is rare because of his two little sisters. He woke up early from his nap with one request. “Mommy can we play bubbles?” He looked up with me with a hopeful glare in his perfect baby blue eyes. Normally I would deny such a request when a little one is just waking up from a nap but I saw the rarity of the opportunity and agreed.

Holding his bright orange bubble wand my son looked like he was holding a noble prize from the smile on his face and the pep in his step. “Ready mom? I will blow the bubbles and you pop them, okay?” nodding my head I gave him the go to huff and puff as hard as he could but the wind blew. At first my son laughed as the wind popped the bubbles before he could have his fun but the wind didn’t let up. Not wanting him to get upset I offered him to go in the house and to try something else but his response floored me.

“Mom I think we need God to help us with this situation.”

Those were his exact words. He understood that we need God not want but need. A four year old had a problem and his first line of defense was faith in the lords ability to better the situation. I suggested we give up and he wasn’t even upset it wasn’t working he just had faith. There is a moment in every mothers life that she is surprised by her children and feels for just a moment that she isn’t doing everything wrong. This was my moment. Without any assistance my son began to talk to Jesus like he was a friend. ‘Hey Jesus could you stop the wind from blowing?” The wind started to pick up and blow even harder. My son looked at me and than up at the sky. “God I just want to blow some bubbles.” Holding his wand up to the sky the wind started to blow a parade of bubbles.  Giggling my son said “Mom, look!” Simple enough words but what I saw was my sons first testimony.

“Well you got what you asked for but God didn’t answer your prayer the way you thought he would.” There it is folks the advice I give to others but when I myself am in the wilderness act like I don’t know. It was the answer I had been asking for. A windy afternoon and a hopeful toddler was the way God answered my question. Funny enough it wasn’t how I thought God would do it but that is the mystery of Gods awesome ways!





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