Toys that are Actually Worth the Money

Toys that are Actually Worth the Money

Use all the extra cash you’ll stash on the kids college fund!

We have all been there and done that. You buy your little one a toy and they play more with the box or even better not at all. Here is a list of toys that my kids have loved and have stood the test of time. Hope it helps and hope your little one gets the same joy and you get the same reprieve.

1. Thomas Train $39.99


Thomas Train is my son Gage’s favorite toy and it has been loved and abused but just keeps on chucking along! Worth every penny. One word, QUALITY.

2.Melissa and Doug Parking Garage  $87.11


Also one of my son’s favorite toys these toys are made to stand the test of time despite the loving abuse toddlers put then through.
3.Fisher Price Drums $28.28


This is one of my daughters favorite toys she is nine months and it seemed to really make her aware of her body. This toy has brought lots of giggles and cute pictures.
4.Lincoln Logs $25.59


Need I say anything?

5.Elmo Potty Training Book $8.98


A book? That is not a toy. Well my son seems to have lots of fun reading it so I beg to differ.
6.LeapFrog Laptop My Own Laptop $16.79


The toy every kid runs for when they visit! Both my daughter and son love this one. Gold!
7.Avengers Tent $14.99


Great for family BBQ. When you have music going and kids playing something magical happens.
8.Little Tikes Cozy Truck $79.99


Once again a toy that ALL the kids love to play with when they come to our home and it is a great toy to teach kids to share with they take turns pushing one another. My son got this for his second birthday and you would have thought we took him to Disney Land!
9.Imaginarium Discovery Wooden Alphabet Puzzle   $9.99


Educational and fun. We have “School Time” in our house for an hour a day and this is a great tool.
10.RoseArt Finger Paint Set $6.93



For the brave! Micheal’s is my favorite store to get little wooden trains and letters to paint because the range from .99 cents and up. Too much fun. My son has decorated his room all by himself and he is very proud.

P.S. Prices can change on a daily basis depending on demand.

Please leave comments on feedback and to tell us what toys you think are worth the buy! Moms unite!




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