Toddlers Monsters and Bedtime

Toddlers Monsters and Bedtime

Monsters and bedtime!

“Mommy there are monkeys chasing me! HELP!”
We have all been there that moment when you have tucked your little one in given them a big kiss and walked out of the room to sit on the couch and finally breath deeply. Then right as you hit the couch the screams begin.
“Mommy their are monsters. Mommy there are dinosaurs outside my window. Mommy I hear something!”
Toddlers have a great imagination and little understanding of what is real and what is not.
So you have two choices you can either try to reason with your scared toddler and talk some since into them or you can imagine ways to equip and defeat the monsters.
Personally I say fight imagination with imagination.

Equip them with weapons against monsters

*My personal favorite weapon of choice when slaying all that goes bump in the night is a FLASHLIGHT. “Buddy this is not a toy this is a weapon. I knew this day would come but I didn’t think it would be today. This flashlight is something only big boys can use are you sure you are ready for this?” Big eyed my toddler looks up to me “Yea!” “This special flashlight makes all the monsters disappear, just shine it right on them and say My God is bigger than you. POOF they will have to go away and stay away. It works EVERY TIME!”

*Stuffed animal guard dogs are also a great tool to make sure someone is always watching out for any monsters your toddler has not yet imagined.

*Barriers like towels rolled up and laid in front of the door or around the bed.

Defeat Monsters 

*The monsters went home for the night they are asleep in there bed. All of the mommy monsters and daddys made the baby monsters go to sleep.

*If your child is afraid of shadows it is always fun to do shadows with your hands to show them what creates shadows.

*During the day time have your child draw a monster give him a name and make him look silly. Hang it on the fridge and encourage everyone to give your child praise.


Veggie Tales: Where is God When I’m Scared?

Good Luck!

If anyone has any suggestions I encourage you to leave them in a comment below.


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