Thee Christmas Wish List for Girls

Thee Christmas Wish List for Girls

With Christmas rapidly approaching, children all over the world are trying to be good and they are preparing to write to Santa. In their honest little letters they will tell all about how good they have been all year long and politely ask for a nice present from him. Times change, and girls want things that are different from ones I wanted when I was a little girl, but some things never change, and one of them is parents’ wish to keep their children happy. Santa’s little helpers have whispered in my ear a thing or two about what girls want to get this Christmas.

Lego sets


Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman, and Disney animated movies – there are Lego sets for boys and girls (and adults too).Aside from boys’ and girls’ Lego sets,  there are also universal ones if you are not into buying them only pink or only blue ones. Lego sets are always a good idea for a gift because children benefit from playing with them in many ways. They start thinking in three dimensions, develop their organizational and problem-solving skills, and improve their creativity.

Disney hoodies

Even though they will usually want clothes when they reach their teens, little girls may find certain pieces beautiful enough that they want to wear them straightaway. Clothes that make them feel and look like their favourite movie or cartoon heroine will certainly be the best choice. Handmade hoodies that instantly transform little girls into Snow white, Rapunzel, or Elsa, or simply a shirt with the print of the face of their favourite character is going to make them very happy.


Fairy princess accessories

Ask almost any girl what they would like to be when they grow up and they will have ‘Fairy princess’ somewhere at the top of the list. Magic and princesses are little girls’ favourite things, and if they could they would wear elaborate costumes all day long. So why not make their dreams come true and get them fairy princess ‘kit’: intricate flower girl dresses can easily be worn on formal events as well, a simple tiara, and magic wand with glitter and faux pearls will do the trick and make them become princesses whenever they want.

A book


Sometimes, all a girl wants is to be understood, but it is not easy sharing what you feel and think with others. This is why it is a good idea to get little girls interesting books where they can see how little girls can also be brave and smart. Anne of Green Gables, Coraline, Hermione from Harry Potter, Heidi, Matilda, Pollyanna… These are all strong female characters from literature who continue to inspire girls and women from all over the world to become better, stronger, and more confident. Nothing better than recognizing yourself in a character and following them through the entire book, hoping everything would turn alright.

Little girls are full of joy and their creativeness just waits for the perfect moment to shine. Give them presents that are going to help their talents grow, and that are going to be perfect for them. The best way to discover what those are is to eavesdrop when they play in their room or to simply ask them and their parents about their preferences. Inspire them to explore the world and stay curious, that is the best way for any child to grow into a smart and innovative adult.


Article by Emma Lawson

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