The Wife and The Recruiting Office

The Wife and The Recruiting Office


The recruiting office experience.

When my husband and I were walking through the mall with our son in his stroller the last place I thought we would roll into was the Naval Recruiting Office. Through crowds of people  we walked leisurely  as my husband turned to me and said “Why don’t we stop in there?” looking to the second floor plastered with signs of Army Strong and Go Navy. “Why?” I tried to ask in a monotone voice and to keep my face as stoic as possible. “Well money is tight and they have a lot to offer. My dad was in the army and it wasn’t that bad.” he said looking anywhere but my eyes. “Okay.” I said non nonchalantly. “Okay?” my husband sounded surprised and almost offended as if I had come up with the idea. Loading into the elevator we stood in silence looking forward waiting for the ding to send the elevator doors open. Rolling through the hall of doors we stood still for a moment looking at all the branch posters. “So who should we talk to?” My husband looked at me holding his breath with one eyebrow raised in total confusion.  “My uncle was in the Navy. He was a smart man why don’t we start there.” Without waiting for a reply I turned and entered the door to see a giant mural of what I didn’t know at the time were aircraft carries. If you had asked me what that mural was when I first saw it I would have said there are ships decal-ed on that wall…what a journey it has been from that mall to here.
To our surprise there was a wait. At each desk was perched a man dressed in uniform talking to a young civilian across the desk. All we could hear were murmurs of “yes sir.” Most of the men had wads of dip in there cheeks spitting into coffee cups. Looking over I saw a giant TV and an x box console. As we sat on the couch waiting to talk to someone a million thoughts ran through my mind. What if he really goes through with this? Can I handle deployment? What would it be like to be a Navy Wife? How much money is this? Where would or could we end up living? Is it easy to make friends moving all the time? Why did I let him drag us up here? I looked down at our son asleep and thought what would he do while his daddy was gone? I thought about running. It wasn’t too late no one had talked to us yet. We could be in and out with no damage right now and chalk it up to something that happened at the mall forever ago and we forgot about. However we just sat in silence.
When someone did come up to us I was intimidated by there uniforms and perfect haircuts. My husband stood up and introducing himself and upon the first question asked said “Yes sir.” They talked and talked and I listened. The information was endless but the recruiter didn’t have any answers for MY questions. All he could say is being a Navy wife is the most important job in the navy. That was all I knew is that my job was important. “Yea right!” I thought. Here this guy is trying to make me feel all proud and good about myself so that I will support my husband to sign these papers and our life away. Everything in my body was pulling me and pushing me away from this idea but for some reason I sat silently.
When we got home with no decision in stone I got on Google trying to look for my answers and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was upset.
Once we talked and talked and talked about it, he signed the papers. In a flash it was done and in stone. I decided the moment he went to boot camp that I would blog about my journey as a navy wife so that if there was ever a woman in my situation and she got online she would find the answers she was searching for. It has been two years and my blog has only been running for about four months Girls let me tell you I have been busy being a Navy wife and it is a very important job!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am an open book.

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