The Shocking Truth About Meme’s

The Shocking Truth About Meme’s

I didn’t wake up this morning feeling funny or even Sassy for that matter.

No I woke up feeling confused and frustrated!!!!!!

Why? Because my Facebook newsfeed has changed from hearing personal updates from friends to a mass amount of motivational memes! Here are a few examples:





For the last month my newsfeed has been bringing me down and filling me full of questions. It has brought me to a place in my personal life that has left me feeling less than what God intended for me to feel.

I know I can’t be alone. I know I can’t be the only person to put my smartphone down or close my laptop with the feeling of “Who am I? What do I stand for and where is my life going?”

I know I can’t be the only person questioning my existence.

I know I am not the only human being feeling down about myself rather than feeling connected with my friends on Facebook!

I mean, there is no way I am alone in this feeling, right?

As I write this I am confident that I am not alone. You know why; because I took to my knees and asked God if I was alone. Not only did he say NO, He clearly showed me that Facebook has created a feeling of discontent in a lot of people. He showed me that the mass of amount of motivational memes going around is proof that people are searching for inspiration. There are a great deal of people who feel lost, lonely and sad. Why else would our newsfeed continue to be slammed with one meme after another that offer glimpses of hope of how to either be better people or to recognize our current value?

Research shows that the reason why Facebook has almost a billion users is because people have the need to share with other people. It is in our DNA. We were created for relationships which makes sense why our newsfeeds are getting bogged with repetitive messages day in and day out.  People are sharing one motivational message after another because they too are searching for some type of inner peace or confirmation that they are valued.

In the last month I too have been caught up in this frenzy. I am just as guilty of sharing my fair amount of motivational stuff. I too have hit the repost icon one too many times. However, once I share the post the feeling of approval or inspiration doesn’t hang around. It is only in the moment that I feel happy, inspired or satisfied. I think this is why when I see another meme that hits home I will most likely share it again.

However, this morning I didn’t find myself inspired. As a matter of fact, I found myself skipping over the memes or starting to read one and then quickly scrolling down because it didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Instead it made me feel irritated, frustrated, empty and well… full of void. After recognizing this, I asked God what in the world is wrong with me this morning. He quickly said “You are no longer trying to find Me in the right place!”

WHAT?! Oh dear….BUSTED!

I asked Him to elaborate, which He gladly did because he loves me enough to chastise me; especially when I give him permission to do so!

He point blank asked me.  “When is the last time you searched your bible like you do Facebook? When is the last time you brought your issue to me first rather than posting it on Facebook or Twitter? As a matter of fact, when is the last time we enjoyed a simple cup of coffee together?”

I quickly replied. “Now Lord, I talk to you all the time!”

“Yes, but when is the last time you carved out time to spend JUST with me?” he rebutted.


I have been so busy that I thought my quick “text messages” to God throughout the day was sufficient. However, I haven’t really spent one on one time with the Lord in over a month!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder the motivational messages in my newsfeed were creating confusion and discontent rather than inspiration.

See, God so graciously pointed out to me this morning that if we don’t spend time in the word and at His feet daily, then we will look to outside influences to fill the void that only God can fill; much like going through a drive thru of a fast food restaurant to grab a quick bite. We can’t live healthy lives on processed food alone! We need home cooked meals to get our vitamins and to truly feel healthy.

The same is with the Word of the Lord. We can’t read a quick quote that recites a biblical scripture and call it church.

It makes sense now why the messages of those memes no longer have LASTING value within my spirit.

I have, technically, been eating the word through a drive thru for too long and now my spirit is deprived of real nutrition. As a matter of fact, I realize this is why the motivational memes appealed to me at first; because the convenience was attractive.

We all know that relationships are not based on five minute meetings, quick chats, or through motivational memes. However, I lost track of that. I got so focused on myself, my routine, my family, my business and so on that I relied on Facebook to fulfill something that only God can.

NO amount of quotes, likes or shares can replace what prayer and being in the presence of God has to offer.  I realize now that I need more Knee-time and less Facebook time. I firmly believe that God is pushing me to use my smartphone smarter; which is to read more of God’s Word and less of mans on Facebook.  So over this next month I am going to log into my Virtual Bible and Joyce Meyer Ministry apps more.  I am also going to get back on my knees in the morning instead of saying quick prayers throughout the day and calling it “quality time with God.”


This is Sassy Scuttlebutt

And that is how the Anchor drop….on my head….this morning.

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