The Red Henna Hair Dye Review

The Red Henna Hair Dye Review

Chemical Hair Dye (1) FUN FACT: Did you know Lucille Ball from “I Love Lucy” dyed her hair with henna?


I had a terrifyingly wonderful experience with henna hair dye! I have been dying my hair with chemical dye for about nine years and my hair has suffered greatly. My hair was so fried at one point that I had to shave my head bald. I let my hair grow out to reveal my natural hair color just to confirm that I don’t look healthy blonde. I am to fair skinned to be blonde. So I started to dye my hair again, with chemicals.

After every color in the rainbow I found my identity with red hair. Then the cycle began. I would dye my hair chemically red and the first week I would love the vibrant color. Within three weeks I would look like I had brown hair with red highlights. So I began to investigate henna hair dye.

The claims of healthy hair and long lasting color were so romantic. I could see myself getting out of my Honda Fit shaking my hair in the wind as my husbands eyes pop out of his head and his jaw drops. Endless hours of more research had me convinced my hair needed henna! My hair was talking to me wrapped around my ears whispering to me “do it!”

I ordered my henna hair dye from and paid $27.48 after taxes and shipping. Three business days later it arrived and I immediately mixed it up to set over night. The next morning my husband surprised me with a free military Darius Rucker concert THAT NIGHT! There was no way I would have time to dye my hair and go to the concert. Devastated I sat debating on wasting the @27.48 I spent on my dye or go on the date of my life, not. Luckily I found out that you can freeze henna and use it later. My problem had been solved.

The next day my lovely mother applied the henna. It was a painful four hours or waiting and waiting.  After a very cold shower I stepped in front of the mirror and immediately put my hand over my mouth. Firstly I was grateful to see i had absolutely no staining on my face thanks to lots of vasoline. However from what I could see my hair looked orange. Instantly I remembered the box said to use diluted lemon juice and I used about five cups of straight lemon juice. I told myself “It takes three days to fully develop, calm down.” Grabbing for the blow dryer I said aloud more confidently “When it dries it will be a different color.” Holding my breath I walked out on the porch where my family was sitting and they were quite for what seemed like forever. Finally my husband said “Wow, it looks kind of orange.” My mother and I both explained “its not done developing!” in tandem. This was the terrifying part of my experiment. When I”m excited about something I talk it to death so there was a high expectation for my hair reveal to end the conversation but henna takes time. I became a bit consumed asking repeatedly “Do you like it?” when my husband nodded i was not satisfied.

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Remember I was fantasizing about that slow motion jaw dropping reaction, not nodding. Several days later the wonderful part of my experiment began.I woke up and looked in the mirror. Running my fingers through my hair i swore I heard “She’s My Sweet Cherry Pie” rocking in the background. When my husband got off work that day his mouth went into the shape of and O as he went “owww.” I looked over at him and said “I know, I look good.” My hair; had great volume, was shiny, silky, and very red. I”m now addicted to henna! Girls if you want red hair ditch the box and get some henna, you won’t regret it!

Anything you want to know about henna is in free E-book! Just click here and read until your eyes bleed. I give this E-book five stars, it was a good read full of humor.

Some benefits of henna for hair:

  • Stronger strands/less breakage
  • Balance hair porosity
  • Reduces or eliminates dandruff
  • Smooths hair cuticle giving hair a healthy appearance
  • Thickens hair
  • Promotes growth due to antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Less shedding
  • Some people report that henna loosens their curl pattern, I would not consider this a benefit but some people henna for this reason

This wonderfully detailed list came from I will always give credit were credit is due.

Myths and Facts of Henna Hair Dye

*If you have chemically dyed hair then you can’t or shouldn’t use henna. MYTH.
I used henna over my chemically dyed hair and my hair is healthier then ever!

*Henna will not lighten your hair. FACT.

*Henna is permanent. FACT.

*If I don’t like the color that my hair turns with henna I can just bleach it out or dye over it. MYTH.
The metallic salts found in chemical hair dye will damage your hair if put over henna.

*Henna fades. MYTH.
Your beautiful red hair will stay red

*Henna will help your hair grow. FACT.

*Henna is light weight like chemical hair dye. MYTH.
One of the cons of henna is how heavy it is on your head and because you have to leave it on for so long you really feel the weight. However if you ask me it is worthy it.

*You can sleep with henna in your hair over night. FACT.
If the weight bothers you then you can apply it at night and sleep through it all.

*You should keep henna warm. FACT.

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