The Question Pregnant Women Should Never Answer!

The Question Pregnant Women Should Never Answer!

The moment everyone finds out your pregnant they all have one question! Do you want a boy or a girl? Don’t answer this question it is a trap. In today’s society if two people don’t agree than their is a “controversy” this question will lead to the following judgments and stereotypes which is now your new reputation as a mother.

If you are a first time mom.

People will ask you this question and they will want to know why! They will want to debate on the pro’s and con’s of each gender and no matter what gender you pick they have a list for both sides. You cannot win and this will be an argument. “Darling your going to want a girl first so when you have more children she can help.” (as if a boy can’t?) SWITCH. “Oh you think that is what you want but if you have a boy first he can protect his younger siblings while they are at school.” (as if a girl can’t?) See that is just one example of the no win situation that is this set up. Also everyone will assume that if you do not have the gender you said you preferred that you are disappointed. You will be flooded with comments of remorse the day your first born child is born. “I’m sorry honey maybe you will have a ____ next time.” WHAT? Answering this question could actually take joy away from the day of my first born child enters this world? YUP.

The only person who can answer this question and everyone will understand. IF you answer it “right”.

Yes there is one person who can answer this question. The mother who only has one gender of child(ren) can admit she wants the opposite gender. If this woman wants to continue having the same gender of child(ren) however than they are showing favoritism and are a horrible person. Because this woman is a horrible person it goes without saying she is a horrible mother. If you think I am being dramatic ask your friends. In fact I encourage a survey.

The mother who has one of each or an equal amount of each gender.

This is currently me. People ask since you have one of both what do you prefer? This is a SUPER MEGA TERRIBLE EVIL TRAP! If you say boy than they assume you love your boy more than your girl and vise verse. Also if you answer this question not only do you love one child more than the other. You obviously show favoritism and the gender opposite of your preference is under loved and mistreated. You’re a super horrible mom if you answer this because people armed with this new knowledge of your bias begin to over analyse how you treat your children. They will begin to pity one the one you “don’t prefer”. This is ridiculous and sad.

How to answer the question “Do you want a boy or a girl”.

“I don’t care as long as it is healthy.” Yes this mom is a wonderful mom. This mom is also they smart mom because she see’s the trap and does not fall into it,

Don’t fall into the trap and please warn your fellow pregnant woman so we can avoid unnecessary stress during pregnancy. We all know that irregardless of what gender of baby we have we feel blessed to have a new member in our family.

Let’s stop the judging other moms!

The bottom line is there would not be an issue if everyone would stop judging one another. Mommyhood today is a battleground of opinions and every team is keeping score. Our rivals always seems to think that they are winning and we think we are winning. The truth is we are all losing. Like my mother always told me”You attract more bee’s with honey than vinegar.”

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