The Parenting Renovation: Results of Week 2

The Parenting Renovation: Results of Week 2

Add a little bit of body text (1)Our challenge for week two was to have an attitude of forgiveness towards our children.
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This article is to share with you how I handled the challenge and how my children reacted to forgiveness.

This week was hard. Teaching forgiveness is almost as challenging as practicing forgiveness.  My son is three years old and I honestly believe red heads are more stubborn. However the hardest part was forgiving myself for all the short comings I believe I have.

I think all young mothers are intense critics of themselves. We know what we want to teach our children, how we want them to behave and what type of life we want for them. We just aren’t sure how to make it happen. Some days when they misbehave we can feel like we are messing them up and that we have made to many mistakes.

How easy is it to listen to the voice in your head that says “Well you’ve done it now. It’s to late. It’s all your fault. Your a bad mom.”
Some days I call out to God asking “Please talk to me and help me. I’ll walk on hot coals, I’ll eat glass, I’ll give up my thumbs. Please just guide me.” More than anything else I want to be a good mom. It’s the one thing I refuse to fail at!

Day One: What!? I tried my best to explain forgiveness and tell my son the good news of Jesus. He is familiar with Jesus and we talk about him and pray everyday. However forgiveness was a new word entirely.

Day Four-Six: Forgiveness didn’t change my toddler but it changed me. I found that I am less angry and less stressed.

Day Seven: This was the day I was most tested. I was challenged to forgive not my childrens disobedience but people in my life. I have not reached perfection but I have made progress.

Living on purpose changes life. When you make the decision to forgive even when you don’t feel like it, that is when you spiritually mature.

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