The Parenting Renovation: Results of Week 1

The Parenting Renovation: Results of Week 1

Add a little bit of body text (6)Our first weeks challenge was to start every morning this week before the kids wake up is to pray. We prayed that God fills us up with love and that his love shows through our actions. If you want to read about the first challenge and week one click here.

This article is to share with you how I handled the challenge and how my children reacted for week one.

Day one: I felt very optimistic. Feeling empowered made me more patient  My son felt the need to re-test the limits however noticing my new found calmness. So I felt the need to pray again mid day and it helped.

Day two: I didn’t get a chance to pray before the kids woke up and the day seemed to snowball into stress before breakfast even hit the table. Once I got the chance to pray I felt more calm but my kids were still wound up.

Day three: I prayed early morning before the kids got up. I truly believe that they woke up happy because I talked to God. It was a beautiful day.

Day four: As I was praying I felt the need to ask God how I could do better as a mother. Later that day a random thought hit me out of no where. I expect to much out of my children for there age I need to let my kids act there age. Then I really sat down and thought about it. I want to teach them everything NOW and all at once and hold them accountable way to fast.

Day five: In addition to praying I made a short list of rules and decided to throw the rest to the wind. After only a few hours my kids completely changed behavior and became more relaxed. It was beautiful.

Day six and Day seven: These days were so calm and relaxed. I continued following the short list of rules and my kids are so much happier. I notice that I am not as stressed.

How did your week go?

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