The Magic of Getting a Puppy for Christmas

The Magic of Getting a Puppy for Christmas

Few relationships are as loyal and affectionate as that between a child and a puppy. That is because kids and puppies have so much in common. They are inquisitive, love to play, and are excited about small things in life. Dogs offer a lifelong love to their owners, and if they form this special relationship early in life, they can be your child’s best friend, a teacher, and protector. So, if your children are asking you to let them have a dog as a pet, Christmas would be a perfect time to give them a puppy as a gift. The rewards will be multiple. It will reflect both on your kids’ childhood and overall development.

A loyal friend to play with

Growing up is much more fun with a dog. These days, children spend too much time playing games on their computers, when they should be playing outside. With a dog, your kid will get a play-buddy that is always ready to run around and chase, even when the weather outside is not very pleasant. A dog will never hit your child, bully him, abandon him, take his ball away from him, or smash his favorite toy. If anything, a dog will protect your kid against bullies. When children are around dogs, they are happy, because dogs are exuberant themselves. A dog will chase away any loneliness, sadness and anger. Very often, kids see their dogs as most trustworthy confidants with whom they share everything.


Physical and mental development

First of all, dogs can make your kids exercise, strengthen their immune system and promote the development of their motor skills. Even regular daily walks will be beneficial to their health, not to mention all the running and chasing. Kids that have a dog are less prone to allergies. Your kids can develop their motor skills by grooming the dog or teaching it to fetch. Dogs can also help your children develop social skills. While your kids are walking their dog, they can meet other kids that also have a dog and start up a conversation. It is an excellent ice-breaker that decreases social anxiety, particularly with shy kids. A dog will teach your kids what trustworthiness is, which is also an essential value in a friendship.

Responsibility and discipline

Let your kids take care of the puppy, walk the puppy, feed it, or clean up after it. Of course, depending on your children’s age, they might not be able to do it entirely on their own, but they can at least assist you. Once you get them a puppy, send them to a pet store to get all the necessities. Advance pet food essentials pack contains everything you will need for a start, so you do not need to worry if the kids will get everything. Teach them what it means to be responsible for someone else, and to be in charge.

Is it now the right time to get a puppy to your kids for Christmas?

Article By Emma Lawson

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