The Best Game Ever to Teach Toddlers Colors

The Best Game Ever to Teach Toddlers Colors

a text blockWith commercials for ABC mouse there is more pressure than ever to prepare our children for school and get them ahead of the curve. Academic pressure for the US toddler has never been higher but just because we feel the pressure doesn’t mean they do and they SHOULDN’T! So if we are going to help our children succeed we need to make if fun. Here is a game my son and his friends I was babysitting gave a try and they loved it. There was so much giggling and running I thought they were going to pass out!

Lets teach toddlers colors!

The objective of the game is to go around the house and collect any object they can find that is a certain color. In this instance however the kids seemed to just want to color code the toys so I said lets do it!

I would call out one color at a time and ask them to bring the toys from the playroom to the living room at my feet. If they brought me the wrong color I would say no that’s not x its y and have them set it aside to start a new color pile. After a few minutes on one color I would go into the room and give little helpful hints. Once they felt like they had collected enough of one color we would count them. “Okay we collected nine blue objects now lets try to beat that and find even more red objects.” By challenging them it not only made a goal but made it more fun. Of course mom you already figured out that this game also helps teach kids how to count as well as there colors. Who needs ABC mouse when you can have there brains and bodies going full speed. You got this mom, you rock!”

Here are the piles my kids came up with. I was very impressed.

Color Piles

Well who wants to make a big mess? By tearing the house apart I am just creating more work and stress. NOPE! Now you get to look at the kiddos and say “Time to pick up.” This game also teaches little ones that once they make a mess they need to pick it up. You can also make this a game by declaring that whoever puts the most toys away gets a piece of candy. I am a softy however and say everyone did such a great job that we all get candy. This is a great way to learn and play. The best part mom is that you are creating memories. Those ABC kids might have good grades but your kid will have more than that they will have a bond because of time spent with you. So rock on mom and be awesome.

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