Teaching Toddlers The Real Meaning of Christmas

Teaching Toddlers The Real Meaning of Christmas

It is so easy to fall into the trap. You are out and about and there are toys everywhere as you try to navigate through the minefield that is the store to pick up just a few things. Your toddler starry eyed begins to dream and then scream “Mom Mom MOM MOM MOM I want that! MOM MOM MA MA MMMM” they talk so fast they can say your name an easy six times before you can even reply. Trying to keep them from having a total melt down.



You say “Ask Santa, he might bring it to you if your good!” as you begin to push the cart so fast it looks like its Black Friday and you see the last 55 inch screen tv. It didn’t take long of this diversion to train my toddler to say “I have to ask Santa for Christmas.”  Than it clicked. FAIL. All my son can think about is Santa and his large bag of toys.

So I became committed to teaching him all about the True meaning of Christmas.

Where to start?
With a book of course. Kids are very visual.
Here is one of many inexpensive book that you can use to help communicate with your little one.

The Christmas Story click here to buy for $3.99

Then I started to explain some of the Christmas traditions and how they where references to the birth of Christ.

Why do we put a star on top of the Christmas tree?
We put a star on top of the tree because of the star that shown in the sky when Jesus was born. The three wise men saw the star in the sky and that is how they found Jesus.

Why do we give each other gifts on Christmas day?
The three wise men brought gifts to Jesus. When we celebrate Christmas we give gifts to one another like the wise men gave gifts to Jesus. I always make sure to mention the great feeling you get from giving to others.

Why is there a Santa?
Once I explained to my son the true meaning of Christmas the question about Santa was inevitable. I told him that Santa is a great story to help us learn about the spirit of giving. Santa is an example of the joyful heart we should have when we think of others first and put others needs before our own. I am not sure how much my three-year old understands but I do know that he is a happy kid. On Christmas eve we will talk about Jesus and watch movies about his great works. We will sit around the dinner table and give thanks for his sacrifice for our sins. I have not looked my three-year old dead in the eye and said Santa isn’t real but as he gets older he will begin to understand that Santa is just a story and just an example. Jesus is real and Jesus is the real meaning of Christmas.

We love Christmas in our home but we make sure to keep the Christ in Christmas. Remember HE is the reason for the season.

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