Simple & Heartwarming Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Simple & Heartwarming Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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Simple & Heartwarming Valentines Day Gift Ideas:

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I love Valentines Day because it is a day that helps me to refocus and remind my loved ones just how much I care for and love them. To say that the holiday has not become overly commercialized would be a lie. It is, we can’t deny that. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take back Valentines Day and remember what we, as children, used to think of it.

Before I started to notice all of the ads and pressures to get the best gift, or be just what people wanted me to be, when all I cared about was telling my mom and dad how much I loved them. Back when I used to dream that one day I would have someone who I loved, and who loved me in return, that I could share this day with. I am lucky enough now to have just that with my husband and two daughters.

Because of that, I now focus Valentines Day on finding ways to remind them that I love them. Not that I don’t already try and remind them every day. Heck, before I leave for work (my husband brings the kids to daycare since I work earlier than he does) I always try and make sure to:

Say “I love you”

Hug Them

Kiss Them

Smile for Them

I like to think of Valentines Day as a day to reinforce the love we have for our family and friends. This of course is something we should be doing every day. For me, this is the easier part, and I try to do this again when I get the girls from daycare and when my husband gets home at night. However, I find that the harder time to keep this. I have to get the girls after a 30 minute commute from work, then follow that with another 30-45 minute commute back home (we love our daycare provider to say the least). Then I have to get the girls in the door and make dinner. By the time dad gets home, if he’s home on time (and he barely ever is, he usually gets stuck), it’s past 8:00 pm and the girls are in bed.

Valentines Day to me is a time to remember to stop overlooking the little things and refocus on the ones I love. It gives me a reminder to keep those we love in our thoughts and rekindle our passion for them, and what they really mean to us.

Our family tries not to buy gifts for the holiday (unless you include a card, but to me that’s just a given) and instead focus on creating gifts that that reflect our love for each other. Sorry my husband started it.

Here are a few projects that we have created to each other over the years, and the ones we still have decorating our house.

This is one I am working on this year._2_Updated.jpg

Project One: A Picture Poem Book.

Over the 13 years we have been together this is by far  my favorite valentines day gift of all time. We were young and in love. We are still in love, even if not so young. I would highly suggest doing this for someone you love. Infact, I think I may be repaying the favor this year. A lot has happened since our first Valentines Day, and its about time I reminded him.


  • Photo printing paper
  • Old snapshots of places that mean something to you and your spouse (the place you had your first kiss, the place where you first said I love you, etc.)
  • A photo album or binder
  • Labels (regular paper will work in a pinch too)

Valentines Day Printable.jpg_3_updated.jpg

Sorry, had to take this one out of the frame to get a good look at the original work

Project Two: Quotable Wall Art.

For our first Valentines Day as a married couple I scoured the internet for various quotes on love and marriage. I copied or typed these out, adding a little heart clip art in between each quote, and printed these on card stock for my husband. As you can see, we still have this on the wall to this day.


  • Nice Printing Paper or Card Stock
  • Photo Frame
  • A Printer

Pick your your loved ones favorite poem, song lyrics, prayer (everyone loves 1 Corinthians 13), quotes and more. Create these on the computer in a nice font and color of your choice, then print them on a really nice piece of cardstock. Once it’s printed and you are satisfied with the layout, simply pop this in a picture frame and you have a lovely gift to show how much you care.

You can even print up something similar for the kids, I especially love the song “I’m Not Perfect” from the Laurie Berkner Band.


Along with this, you can also do some great kids printable’s for their friends. Choose your favorite note, add a picture, then a small lollipop and you’ve got a great idea. You can also just get generic cards from the dollar store, but I like the personal touch a bit more if you can’t tell!

Love Cards_Updated.jpg

Project Three: A Gift of True Love Cards.


  • Blank Cards
  • Pen

This is something that I was thinking about doing a twist on for this year. This is my take on a coupon voucher book. I’ll be it this is not a new idea, I mean who hasn’t heard this year after year? My twist is just a little bit different, I think a back rub is nice, but a lot of couples will do this every now and then anyway. For my version I was looking at changing this up a bit. To me true love isn’t a back run (but it’s still nice) it’s doing the dishes for me when I’m too tired, changing off who gets  up with the baby (even if it should be my night – at our house we trade off every other night so everyone can sleep sometime) and all those other trade off’s that help you de-stress your life. Here is what a “True Love” card (or coupon book if you instead just have index cards available)

For her from him:

Switch off the night with the baby

Free night with the girls

Grocery Shopping

Doing the Dishes

For him from her:

Free night with the girls

Switching off the night with the baby

Free Night of Video Game Playing

Free Night of TV


Love Cards.jpg2.jpg

Your gifts don’t have to cost much to be meaningful. Take the consumerism out of Valentine’s Day this year and get back to the heart of what matters. Remind everyone how much you love them, and how well you know what will make their day.

What are some of the best valentine’s day gifts you have received?

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