Shuttertoons Personalized Fleece Blanket Review

Shuttertoons Personalized Fleece Blanket Review

logoHey ya’ll I am reviewing a personalized fleece blanket that was made by Please read my disclaimer at the bottom of this post. If you like what you read we will be hosting a GIVEAWAY starting
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This is how our “memory keeper” turned out!


We decided to use our favorite family portrait and our family verse. 1 John 4:19 “ We love because he first loved us.” (NIV) As you can see our little man is sporting his camo pjs proud to be like Daddy.


When my package arrived I was worried because the box seemed to small. My fear was short lived. My blanket was exactly what I ordered. In a world where we are accustom to potato bags being half full of air, ridiculously large packaging has become the norm. It was refreshing to see a box that actually matched the size of the product.

Quality Check

The blanket is not thick but it is so warm and plush. The fabric is stretchable but doesn’t loose shape. The color saturation matched the original photo which was one of my main concerns. The stitching on this blanket was very well done with a high quality thread. I do wish it was a bit bigger so it could be used as a throw but overall I am very happy. This blanket would be ideal for framing, hanging, or used as a receiving blanket.


How I see personalized “memory keepers” being used for Military Families.

It is no secret that deployment is hard on military families especially children. When my husband went to boot camp our son was 10 months old and my husbands worst fear was that his son wouldn’t know who he was when he came home. I posted pictures around the house like crazy of his Dad and we played where is Daddy everyday. He would go around and point to all the photos he could find (every once in a while I would move them around). We also had a record-able story book so Daddy could read him to sleep every night. It is products like these that help children feel connected to their parents when they are far away and that connection is important. Something like a blanket with a parents picture on it could allow a child to cuddle with their mommy or daddy while they are away serving our great country!

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Who is Shuttertoons and what are they all about?

Shuttertoons was founded and is run day-to-day by a former military wife. Terry Kelley’s husband is a retired Marine and in 2012 Terry’s son, Albert, passed away. In life, he was a talented artist who expressed himself creatively. Terry found herself clinging to the artwork and photographs he had left behind, but she knew a huge amount of those pieces had been lost forever. Some photos and drawings, especially those created before the time where technology allows us to upload everything, were gone forever. So, Shuttertoons was born in an effort to help people preserve their important memories.

As a former Marine wife, Terry felt deeply for the victims of the Chattanooga shooting at the military installations in Chattanooga last year. She knew Shuttertoons could help, so she created a Facebook page to detail the efforts, and 100% of the proceeds from this time were donated to the fund that was dedicated to helping the victims.

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Disclaimer: My opinion is my own and cannot be bought. I give only my honest opinion and will never recommend anything I would not use or have my own family use. I was given this product to review for free by one of my paid advertisers to review. Before partnering with Shuttertoons I quality checked their site, product and customer service. If you have any questions concerning my disclaimer you can contact anytime at



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