Raising Tough Boys With Sweet Hearts

Raising Tough Boys With Sweet Hearts

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  1. endure a period of hardship or difficulty.

Teaching boys to be tough means teaching them to endure hardship not to ignore the pain of hardship. -Cher B.

Tough guys cry too.

Tears are not a sign of weakness. We have all meet the guy who had to much pride to cry and as a result it damaged his relationships. Teaching our boys to be tough doesn’t mean teaching them that pain is weakness. Weakness is giving up because of the pain. So remember to teach your boys that it is okay to feel pain just don’t give up because of it.

Don’t freak out.

When your boys are young and they get hurt as all boys due  but don’t freak out! What do I mean by that? When they fall and bump there elbow don’t scream like their bone is sticking out. Try to act as calm as possible and reassure them everything is going to be okay. If something is really wrong try not to jump or show that you are afraid. If you freak out they will freak out. How will this teach your boys to be tough? They will learn to stay calm and not over react. Note that all toddlers over react. Always consider age when you are teaching toughness.

Did you hurt the ground?

I found an amazing tactic for toughness training! If he falls on the ground I ask “How is the ground bud did ya hurt it?” If he falls off his bike I ask “Is your bike okay buddy?” After a while when he fell he was more concerned about telling me how everything around him was and forgot that he got a boo boo. However if you can see your child is in real pain make sure to ask if they are okay. Boys need to know that they are loved and do need the nurturing love of their mothers.

His kisses make his sisters boo boos better.

If you have boys and girls this is a great opportunity to show your boys how to be sweet. Just like moms kisses make it all better your son’s kisses are magic for sissy’s bumps and bruises.
If you only have boys than their kisses are magic for your boo boo’s. That is right mom call on your son’s for help. They will learn how to care for others and acknowledge others hurt.

Get up and try again aka brush it off

If your lil’ guy gets hurt than have him try that activity again. One day my son fell off of 8 foot playground equitment and came out of it just shaken up. I could have said lets go home but instead I encouraged him to get back on the playground. He didn’t want to get back up there so we went together.

Do it afraid. -Joyce Meyer


Band-aids are for blood.

My toddler wanted a band-aid for everything! So we made a rule band-aids are for blood only. When they don’t get special attention for the little stuff then they don’t make a big deal out of nothing. It is when they know a bump will bring the “My poor baby.” that boys become complainers.

Boys need LOVE!

So where is the tough boys with sweet hearts come in to play? Love. It is that simple. If you show love and encouragement they will learn to love others. When they are in pain show that you care and nurture them. Being tough doesn’t mean not being soft. It means to endure and not give up despite the hardships of life. The definition you choose of tough will effect his future relationships so choose wisely. Raising tough boys with sweet hearts is a recipe. A dash of this and that to taste. Always remember to add sugar.

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