Parenting Renovation: Results of Week 4

Parenting Renovation: Results of Week 4

WeekOur challenge for week two was to have an attitude of forgiveness towards our children.
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This article is to share with you how I handled the challenge and how my children reacted to me not yelling.

Well, some habits are hard to break. I could have done better. There were times I should have prayed and asked for help but I didn’t. There were times I forgot I was even challenging myself not to yell.

However I was a good 70% better and so were my kids. Even though I wasn’t perfect I made great progress! Usually I feel like my kids won’t listen unless I yell however this week I learned that is only because I trained them that way.

Once my voice didn’t go full blast when they were misbehaving they looked at me confused. There shock alone made them distracted. So was I the prime example? NO. Was I a better example? YES.

How did you do? Did you forget? Did you pray? Did you loose it?
Leave a comment and let us know.

Day One: I felt like I had a horses bit in my mouth. My mouth was never shut and to full from all the words and volume I was holding in.

Day Two – Day  Seven: I was up and down like a roller coaster but it was a smoother ride than the road we’ve been on. I feel like from this day on life will only get better. Being a better example makes me feel so good. It sounds so clique but you you react to how your kids act changes everything.

Please join us next week!

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