New Man Revolution Bold Awakening Body Wash Review

About The Company New Man Revolution.

The revolution began in 2014 when Ryan realized that the products he had used his whole life were packed with chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Fueled by his desire to be more aware of his health, Ryan started formulating NMR’s natural products. After his own transformation, Ryan wanted to share the same knowledge with others. Dale and Eric joined the team and together the three have sparked a revolution by creating craft men’s products that have men’s best interest at heart. NMR believes that a healthy man strengthens his community just as a healthy woman empowers hers. NMR also gives portions of their profit to Veterans organizations and cancer research foundations, during focused campaigns throughout the year. Currently, NMR gives 5% of our net profit to America’s Vet Dogs.

Ingredients in NMR.

-Coconut Based Cleansers
-Pure Essential Oils
-Aloe Vera
-Vitamin B5
-Green Tea Extract
– FREE OF Parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrance

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What you need to know about my reviews!

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The Honest Review.

I wondered could an all natural body wash really cleanse as effectively as its chemical packed counterparts on the market? My first thought when reading that NMR contained essential oils was would it just mask the manly must and not sterilize the stench. Let’s be honest men stink and they need a quality body wash to be pleasant company. Since this is a product marketed for men I asked my husband to try it out for a week and tell me what he thought about it. He was a good sport.

“It lathers really well and didn’t make my skin feel sticky. I feel clean and noticed my skin is softer. I would recommend it.” -Matthew B.

I also noticed that he didn’t have a musky odor. He smelt really clean

So I know this product is marketed for men but I ignored the cute tie on the bottle and tried it out on myself and on my kiddos. I have used other natural based body soaps and it always left a layer on my skin that was waxy and uncomfortable. New Man Revolution left my skin feeling soft and it smelt fragrant not “earthy”. I even gave it the ole “Oh no! I’m out of shaving cream, I guess I’ll have to use soap” test. I am happy to report I did not get any razor burn. The more I read and learned about the product and compared it to my daughters baby body wash I realized that New Man Revolution Body Wash is actually safer. It lathered very well and left my baby’s skin hydrated.

This stuff is powerful enough to wash the stench of a man away and yet gentle enough to use on a baby. -Cher B.

The bottom line is you can buy this for your husband/boyfriend and use it for yourself! I definitely recommend this body wash as a more gentle and effective alternative to the markets chemical and perfume concoctions.

If you have any questions just comment below! If you have used this product before we would love to hear what you think.


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