My Toddler Stopped Potty Training When Baby Arrived

My Toddler Stopped Potty Training When Baby Arrived

10 Secrets to Repotty Training After


Has your Toddler stopped potty training?

My toddler stopped potty training. Help! Our son had been potty training for about six months and was doing great! He only needed a pull up at night in case of accidents. I was so relieved because with the new baby on the way that cut our diaper bill in half. Then our baby girl was born and all of the sudden not only did my toddler show no interest in using the potty, he refused to. He would wet his pants on purpose and start to cry like a baby. It was very obvious he was experiencing jealousy and having a hard time adjusting to the new baby in the house. At first I was very worried but come to find out this is very normal.

Here is how we got potty training back on track after baby.

  1. We put a pull up on instead of underwear but still encouraged him to use the potty.
  2. We never changed their diapers in the same area. The baby was on a pad and our toddler stood up.
  3. We made sure our toddler understood the baby wears diapers and he wears pull ups.
  4. We asked our son to help us get the supplies to change babies diaper because big boys help babies. We explained that babies use diapers because they can’t help themselves.
  5. We asked our son to throw away dirty diapers. This helped him feel needed and made him realize how yucky diapers really were.
  6. We made a reward board. Every time our little guy made it to the potty he would get a sticker in his favorite cartoon character on a board somewhere everyone could see. Everyone would cheer when another sticker was added.
  7. We bought a potty training story book and read it every night before bed.
  8. We gave him a small sweet treat whenever he made it to the potty like an m&m. We would give him two m&ms if he came to us and told us he had to go.
  9. Once he started to make it to the potty more than mess himself we made a special trip to the store to buy new underwear in his favorite cartoon characters even though he already had underwear.
  10. We were patient. It took about three months to get out little guy back on track.

When a new baby arrived it is very scary and confusing for a child. The best thing we can do as parents is to be patient and understanding. Encouragement rather than discipline during this time will help your child feel secure in their new place as big brother or sister.


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