A List of Ridiculous Things Every Military Wife Can Relate too!

A List of Ridiculous Things Every Military Wife Can Relate too!

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Things Every Military Wife Can Relate Too!

1. Having to wrestle your ID out of your wallet at a stop light before you hit the base gate. Or for those who have trained your self to get your ID out in advance hitting your brakes and your ID flying on the floor of the passenger seat.

2. Ear plugs EVERYWHERE! Little orange buds of evil; in the washer, on the floor, in the hands of small toddlers running as you try to retrieve the choking hazard that is your spouses ear wax.

3. Forgetting to put your ID back into your wallet after you get checked at the gate and getting all the way to the check out line. I have had to run back to my car with a full cart of grocery’s waiting at least four times.

4. Getting excited about a parking spot only to realize it is reserved for a rank W-A-Y above your rank.

5. Washing uniforms and feeling prepared for the next day only to find out you washed the wrong persons uniforms. It is so easy not to check the name tag.

6. You have to use your sponsors social security number so much that you forget your own. I mean you can’t even make a doctor’s appointment with out their social.

7. Forgetting to check the expiration dates on food from the commissary and having meat go bad in two days because you didn’t freeze it right away.

8. Going to a command picnic and not knowing anyone’s rank because everyone is dressed in civvies to only find out you talked to the AFL for forty minutes. Than the fun part. Having to tell your spouse EVERYTHING you said.

9. Attending mandatory fun days because its mandatory.

10. Knowing everyone by their last name.

11. Cutting hair at nine o clock at night because your spouse failed to mention they got hit on their hair until nine o clock at night.

12. Coaxing your dry cleaner into rush orders due to short notice uniform inspections.

13. Being know as LAST NAMES wife or husband.

14. Hosting a BBQ two hours after you find out your suppose to host a BBQ for about 15 people.

15. Asking if a business offers a military discount only to get a rude “no.” You probably respond “It never hurts to ask.”

16. When you hear that Great Lakes is getting inches of snow you shake your head saying “I feel so bad for the people in boot camp today.”

17. Going to Wal-Mart and gasping at the outrageous prices compared to the commissary. Is the Commissary Really Cheaper?

18. Having your family request a family portrait with your spouse in uniform but being like, “who can afford that?”

19. Putting a branch sticker on your car in a military town and then feeling really lame.

20. Being pregnant and seeing a different doctor every time who usually doesn’t have any idea what your conditions are so you have to start from scratch.

21. Warning your mom before you take her on base the first time and she thinks your being dramatic. Then she sees the guns and freaks out!


Do you have anything else you can think of that is just one of those moments? Share below in the comments and share with someone who can relate.

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