How to Raise Great Kids 101 Fun & Easy Ideas Book Review

How to Raise Great Kids 101 Fun & Easy Ideas Book Review

Raising great kids just got easier with these helpful tips and fun games.

About the Author

How to Raise Great Kids 101 Fun & Easy Ideas is written by Jim Gromer a Veteran that served as a  Search & Rescue Swimmer during the Gulf War and Black Hawk Down. Jim and his lovely wife have four kids and have written this fun book full of activities and advice on parenting.

On the back of the cover a list of topics the book covers are listed;

Successful Bedtimes
How to Deal with a Non-Eater
Bathroom Talk
Life isn’t fair
No More Complaining
How to Handle a Bully
End Temper Tantrums

The Review

I am not big on doing book reviews because I am not an avid reader. (Yes a writer that doesn’t like to read, haha)
However if the topic is relevant to my life I will get out my reading glasses and fluff the couch pillows.

I liked the cover photo is was very personal and gives a glimpse into the life of the author.
It was surprising to find out that most of the topics covered gave a short one or two page article of advice.
For me personally the short chapters made it an easy read. There was not much I did not agree with Jim Gromer is a very sensible writer that communicates ideas in layman terms.

As a parent of three I am excited to implement some of his creative parenting ideas.
The book also includes fun games to help teach your children everything from leaving a proper message to shared journals.

Not to sound like a groupie but it is hard to find something not to like about this book.
Usually when I do a review I try to find one thing to critique but Jim Gromer really hit this one out of the park.

I strongly recommend this book to add to or start a parenting book collection.
This book would also make a great baby shower gift for parents to refer to as their little ones grow up.


Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of How to Raise Great Kids 101 Fun & Easy Ideas for my honest opinion. I was not paid for my review and my opinion can never be bought.  If you purchase the book through the link on my site I do get a small commission via Amazon NOT the author.

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