How to Properly Clean a Convertible Car Seat (With Pictures)

How to Properly Clean a Convertible Car Seat (With Pictures)

Why you should clean your child’s car seat.

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Kids are messy, if you are reading this you already know that! Some family’s have the “no chuck wagon rule” and to those parents my hat is off to you. However with two kids and being a family on the go we occasionally allow our kids to have food in the car. It always ends up; in their car seats, the floor board, sometimes the head liner and of course door seals. Routine cleaning of vehicles usually takes care of the large amount of food that could mold however until you remove the car seat cover you really don’t know the new civilization of bacteria and possibly molded food in your child’s seat.

Fun Fact: Everyone has between 2 and 5 million sweat glands throughout the body.
During both the summer and winter months your child will sweat while sitting in their seat especially during extended trips. All of this sweat will dry in the fabric of the seat and eventually cause odor that will make an unpleasant traveling experience for your little one.

How to Properly Clean a Convertible Car Seat.

Step 1: Remove the car seat cover.

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When removing the seat cover tug gently. If you can’t find how the cover detaches run your fingers along the edge. Many covers are attached with hooks, straps and even screws. WARNING: Replace important hardware such as screws even though you will have to repeat the step of removing and replacing the part it will ensure that it doesn’t get lost or taken by small hands.

Step 2: Before getting the cover wet in any fashion scrap off as much food and dirt as possible. If you go straight for the kill and wet the cover you will set the food into the fabric and it will spread.












Step 3: Pre soak your seat cover.













Pay extra attention to more visible stains by spraying them an additional
3-5 times.









Windex is the best pre soaking agent you can use. It is an effective stain remover that doesn’t harm fabric. Surprisingly it is so effective that I have been able to use it to remove deep set in stains from carpet and grass stains from khaki jeans.


“A penny saved is a penny earned.”-Benjamin Franklin

Step 4: Gently scrub the cover going in one direction to avoid damage to the fabric. Generally speaking working your way from the bottom to the top will yield the best results. Also I recommend using a sponge that doesn’t have an adhesive pad because it can damage the fabric and cause balling.













Throw the cover in the wash on the COLD setting to avoid shrinkage.



Before and After (1)








Only if you could smell the difference!






Step 5: Clean the base.

Before and After


A little elbow grease paired with a toothbrush and or Q tips goes a long way. Fill a cup with water to rinse your brush and just start scrubbing away. Once you have the dirt loose take a paper towel and give the base a good wipe down. Lastly and most importantly make sure to wipe it down with a disinfectant.




Step 6: Put the cover back on the base and reinstall in your car.

Goodbye Germ Monster!


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