How to Plan or Host a Baby Shower on a Budget

How to Plan or Host a Baby Shower on a Budget

Proof thatChristians (1)Planning a baby shower is exciting but can get stressful. Here is a guide to save money and plan a baby shower that everyone will  remember!

Everything you need:
*Gifts (If you are a host)

Top five places to shop and save money
1. Dollar Store
2. Thrift Store
3. Yard Sales
4. Craigslist
5. Michaels Craft Store

Saving money on your creative and attractive invitations

It is very important that you make your invitations creative and attractive. You can easily do this on a budget if you are willing to get crafty. Making your invitations yourself might seem intimidating but there are several free temples online and many ideas for you to copycat.  You can get craft supplies from the dollar store or even Michaels who has sales regularly. Not everyone is excited to attend these parties but an attractive and creative invitation can make them feel like they might have fun. Sound silly? Presentation is half the gift; if a pair of socks are wrapped in beautiful glittery paper with curly ribbon you will be excited to open it. Well if the invitation you send is fun to look at they will assume that they will have fun. Remember to put RSVP on your invitations so you can anticipate how many guests will be attending. Just because you send the invitation doesn’t mean everyone can make it and it can be stressful not knowing how much food you need to prepare.

Food and time of baby shower

Tip #1: When deciding what time is best to have your baby shower, keep in mind work schedules of your guests.

Tip #2: Choose a time in between main meals to save money. Serving snacks and appetizers is a lot more affordable than serving full course meals.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid of off brand. Most of the time when you buy brand name you are just buying the pretty box that it comes in.

Tip #4: Match sales and coupons to enhance your savings. Don’t forget to sign up online at your favorite stores because they usually supply online coupons that they only offer to online members.

Brunch and early morning menu ideas. The brunch hour will be a low cost time of day to have a baby shower because most likely everyone has had their breakfast and are not very hungry. However, be warned that having baby showers early morning might affect the number of people that attend because many people like to sleep in and may not want to get up to early, especially on weekends.
*Sliced fruit
*Cheese and crackers

After Lunch before dinner menu ideas. This time of day is ideal for showers because people are most alert and have had time to do there errands and eat lunch. However, if people are still at work during this hour it would be in your best interest to start the party when people are free.
*Sandwich pinwheels
*Sliced fruit (fruit kabobs)
*Banana bread
*Cupcakes, cake or both
*Veggie tray
Veggie trays are less expensive when you do the work so I advise buying the vegetables and cutting them yourself.

During Dinner hour menu ideas. This time of day is the most expensive time of day. It will require the most amount of time cooking and prep work but if it is the most convenient for your guests then I recommend you do Dinner hour. Here are some ideas on meals that can be cooked in bulk relatively inexpensively.
*BBQ Pork Sandwiches and fries (should be able to accomplish depending on amount of guest for under $25.) The crock pot is a great way to cook a pork roast you; throw it in and forget about it.
* Chili with cheese and onions is a favorite in our home because it can be made in bulk for under $20
* Spaghetti and garlic toast is also another meal that can be made in bulk for a low cost

To get more inspiration for affordable and delicious meals visit once a month meals and look under the recipes section for free and freezable meal ideas.
Tip: To reduce stress it’s a great idea to cook your meal ahead of time and freeze it so the day of the party you have more time to be a part of the party.

How to save money on decorations.
Tip: Use baby gifts as decorations such as teddy bears or blankets. By using gifts as decorations you save money by getting two uses out of one object.

Not feeling crafty? Once again,  I suggest
the dollar store since their gender specific streamers
are always a hit.
Feeling brave? Craft your heart away! My favorite craft decoration is to get the first letter of the baby’s name made out of wood and paint it. This project can be done for under ten dollars and can easily be the centerpiece decoration.

Gifts (if you are a host)
If you have kids of your own and have some of their baby stuff left, it may be time to let go of a few beloved items. If your guest of honor is not picky about things being new than hand-me- downs in a nice bag (they have cute ones at the dollar store) will go a long way. A bow and a ribbon on a clean item is just as good as new. Remember to run anything used through the wash. For new gifts refer to my list above of the best places to shop or visit
Sassy Sweet Creations or Hooked on homemade for beautifully hand crafted custom gifts at a great price.


Many baby shower games are inexpensive. The classic guess the size of mom’s belly only requires a spool of yarn and scissors. I suggest this site when looking for fun games click here.

Here are 10 fun baby shower games

  1. New Mommy Advice Cards
  2. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby
  3. Baby Shower Word Game
  4. Baby Shower Lotto Game
  5. Cloths Pin Game
  6. Dirty Diaper Game
  7. Who knows Mommy Best
  8. Whats in your purse
  9. Baby Shower Bingo
  10. Tummy Measure Game


Idea’s for prizes that your guests will love:
*Bottles filled with candy
*Coffee Mugs
*Ceramic animals
*Jams and Jelly
*Kitchen utensil’s

Tip: Make the prizes feel like gifts and add ribbon.

My Michaels find
jars  Jars with chalk labels Reg: $3.99 On Sale $1.12 plus 10% military discount
candleholder  Flower candle holder Reg: $7.99 On Sale: $ 3.49 plus 10% military discount

Common challenges and solutions

Challenge: How to politely let your guests know that you don’t want a type of character ex: Pooh Bear or Dora.
Solution: Fun rhymes on the invitations can drop hints without being blunt. Example: The baby will poo but the mom will not Pooh. Example: She is going to be adorable but not in Dora. Hints are better than rules you don’t want guests to be offended or feel like the mother is ungrateful so be subtle and hope for the best.

Challenge: How to let people know about your registry without seeming like you’re asking for gifts.
Solution one: Put your registry information on your baby shower invitations.
Solution two: Put your registry on your gender reveal. Remember to put the due date and the type of weather that your baby will be born in.
Solution three: Post on Facebook that you are so excited about your baby’s arrival that you did your baby registry and leave a link.
Solution four: Post on Facebook when you find something you love. Example, I just found the cutest dinosaur themed crib bedding LINK Try not to say awe!
Little hints like your theme will help people who want to give you a gift have an idea of what you like and what you need without you directly saying “I need”.

Challenge: You are keeping the gender a secret and you are afraid people are going to keep asking you the gender at your shower.
Solution: Make it a game that whoever asks the gender has to wear a sticker and whoever is left at the end of the shower without a sticker gets a prize.

How to get people to show up

1.  Choose your time and date wisely. When deciding what time is best to have your baby shower keep in mind work schedules of your guests. Also know your guests, if you know that Jane doesn’t wake up until noon than inviting her to an early morning shower will lower the chance of her showing up.
2. Send invitations early. Some people may need to request the day off of work and they need time. Also many people are on a budget and may need time to save for the gift that they want to get you.

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