How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes

How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes

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Making homemade baby wipes is a great way to save money and save your child from unwanted chemicals such as harsh alcohol and perfume.

You will need:

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A container (I recycled a large nut container, however it didn’t work out because the lining caused rust so I would use something plastic or glass. I hope my mistake that is now advice will save you time and heart ache.)
Paper towels (I strongly recommend Viva paper towels because of their strength and texture.)
1 tablespoon Soap such as Johnson’s baby wash
1 teaspoon Baby oil (The baby oil helps keep your baby’s bum dry)
1 1/2 cups Water
Measuring cup

  1. Start by cutting one roll of paper towels in half. You will achieve the cleanest cut with an electronic carving knife.
  2. Place one half of paper towel roll into your container.
  3. In a measuring cup mix water, soap, and baby oil.
  4. Pour the water mixture directly over the paper towels and let it sit with the lid on for about five minutes.                                                 unnamed (9)
  5. Turn container over for an additional five minutes to ensure that the mixture evenly saturates the paper towels.
  6. Remove the cardboard center of the paper towels. Grab the sheet in the very center and pull up gently. You will continue to pull all of your baby wipes from this point.unnamed (10)
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  7. Congratulations! You have just made your very own homemade baby wipes.unnamed (12)

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