5 Easy Steps to Filling Out Weekly Schedules

5 Easy Steps to Filling Out Weekly Schedules

Let’s face it we have a lot to get done in our fast paced society. Everything is fast; internet, food, speed limits (if your lucky). We live in a world where everyone is just trying to keep up! For those who want to keep up and keep organized well you my friend, need a weekly schedule. It can be stressful trying to decide how to spend your time. This schedule will literally determine what you do with your life. No pressure! If that didn’t freak you out and make you stop reading the great news is we found a system to take the stress out of filling out your weekly schedule. weekly-schedule-template-word


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Step 1: Make a giant unorganized list of ALL THE STUFF YOU NEED TO GET DONE. Everything you want to accomplish. Don’t consider how much time you have or question how you are going to get it all done. This first list will be the starting point.

All the Stuff I need to Get DOne
Step 2: On a separate sheet of paper make categories for; daily, chores, weekly, monthly and goals. Once you have your template decide where to plug stuff in. Once more do not consider time only consider how often a task should be done.

Step 3: Print out your weekly schedule. Take your daily list and decide what times you are going to accomplish your daily tasks. Do not consider the other tasks on your list just yet. Only focus on your daily actives.

Step 4: Once you have your daily stuff plugged in you have done most of the work. Great job! What? Yup the hard part is done. Now you continue with your master list of just plugging stuff in according to how often you need to get tasks accomplished. You will naturally find out what you don’t have time for and can prioritize as you cross tasks off your list.

Step 5: Post that bad boy somewhere you will see it everyday and get crankn’!

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