How To Create A Schedule That Eliminates Stress! (With FREE Printouts)

How To Create A Schedule That Eliminates Stress! (With FREE Printouts)

I have been a homemaker for many years now and quite honestly my life has been unbalanced. With; kids, meals to prepare, house duties, account balancing, car maintenance, grocery shopping and having hobbies something inevitably got neglected.

Always with great intentions but never with execution seems to have been the theme of our home. But I say no more!

One day I woke up and decided it was time to get my life organized and on a schedule! Ah that dirty word, schedule or even worse routine. Alas it was well worth the effort because it unexpectedly solved many “micro issues” (the small stuff that drives ya nuts). The great news is I have done all of the work and did the digging to come up with a list of the best charts (FREE printouts) to get you and your family set up for success!

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Chore Chart

For toddlers this chart is great because it isn’t just a reminder but it doubles as a teaching tool. Teaching responsibility, respect for others and consistency is important to create the foundations of good character. If you are having a hard time keeping children who stay home entertained this also helps fill the gap of time in your daily routine. My two year old has chores from dusting with socks on her hands to wiping the fridge. Does the fridge need to be cleaned everyday? No. However she takes pride in her special chore. No one else cleans that door so she feels pride and responsibility even at the age of two. My son who is four takes out the recycle weather it is over flowing or there is one thing in it. Why? Consistency.

How we do allowance.daily-chore-chart-copy-1024x791
Everyone has a different opinion on allowance however in our home we don’t give financial rewards for participation in chores because participating is their duty not their job. We do however give rewards for our blessing chart that you will find below.

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Weekly Schedule

Lets get down to the brass tax folks. In order to get a routine your going to need a weekly schedule. It can seem overwhelming to tackle organizing this chart and deciding how to use your time. I have created a short how to “get it done” article here that will take the stress out of filling out your weekly schedule.



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Meal Planner

meal planner


Everyone wants to save money! A meal plan is a staple to sticking to a budget and creating a system for something we all have to do, grocery shop. A meal plan will not only help you budget but it will relieve the stress of always asking the question “What do you want to eat for dinner?” We all know the answer is “I don’t know.” Lets put this old argument to bed with a meal planner.

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If-Then Chart



This behavioral chart is not a free print out but it is worth every penny priced at $6.50 from Doorposts Parenting. (I do not make any money if you purchase this.) From my own experience these charts have really made it easy for my children to understand that bad behavior has consequences. Also this chart has been a blessing to the adults in the house, we have become a team. No longer do we bicker about how to handle discipline and we are always consistent. With the same consequence to any given action no matter the adult present our children now see us as united and no longer try to manipulate. They know if A happens then B is coming regardless of the authority figure. However it is not all bad behavior focused this chart has a counterpart that is equally important.

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The Blessing Chart 



Equally important to consistent consequence is consistent praise! Children soon begin to get the big picture when they see that good behavior has its rewards. Parents also get to put into perspective their child’s strong character and positive attributes. It can be easy for parents to only see the problem and not see the good but this system encourages everyone to look for the blessings. When you intentionally look for blessings you magnify that behavior and multiply it. I am not claiming that these charts will fix everything but they will defiantly create a system avoiding chaos.  You can google these charts to get ideas of how others are using them in their everyday lives.


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