How The Military Is Teaching Kids Fire Safety

How The Military Is Teaching Kids Fire Safety

TEXTIt seemed like any other trip to the commissary for our weekly grocery shopping, however it was far from that! My son was starry eyed and giggling as we walked up to a man in a giant dalmatian costume wearing a fireman’s hat.

Approaching the table an Airman said “Hey buddy. Do you want a sticker?” My three year old was to shocked and enthralled by the giant dog to respond. “Here is a packet ma’am for your children. This week we are promoting fire safety.” When we got home we started to go through the bag of treasures.

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Here is the packet they were handing out. The packet included; a coloring book, crayons, ruler, sicker, pencil, and of course a fireman’s hat.

unnamed16_zpsfe915d43.jpg1 My son had a great time with the coloring book.

unnamed (15) Inside the coloring book were directions on what to do in case of a fire. My son is three years old and he was able to learn from the very basic visual direction. I felt like it really got through to him.

unnamed (13)This program is in my opinion is one they should keep going. The surprise made it feel special for my little man. Also he now is more prepared in case of a fire. This could one day save my sons life. When my husband and I were discussing whether or not he should join the navy we didn’t know of cool perks like this. So to anyone who is thinking of joining or is new to the military, knowledge is power.

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