How Coupons Might Be Costing You Money

How Coupons Might Be Costing You Money

You work hard for your money and you work hard to find your coupons. Make sure that your coupons are really saving you money and don’t make these mistakes! With popular shows like Extreme Couponing it is hard not to get caught up in all of the buzz. Many of us have tried to challenge the grocery stores and win big with huge savings. However if you are not careful there are a few ways coupons could be costing you money! Here are four ways that coupons could be cheating you.local-web-design-bank-deposit

You Buy More Than You Need.

Many times a coupon is good only if you buy multiples of an item. This may seem harmless and might save you a few pennies but if you are ultimately spending more than you would without the coupon your deal just went sour. This can also cause you to spend money you don’t have because you think to yourself you now have enough hand soap to last for three years so its no biggy to pull a few bucks from next pay check to cover the extra splurge.


Just because It’s On Sale Doesn’t Mean You Can Afford It.

Sometimes the bargains go to our brains and we lose track of our budget. Just because it is “on sale” or you have a coupon doesn’t mean you can afford it. Saving money does not create money. This is your new mantra say it with me. Saving money does not create money. Warning: Planning on taking money from your next paycheck is a sure way to get in trouble because between now and then many things can happen that you aren’t planning for. The smartest way to budget is to know your budget and stick to your budget.

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Couponing Can Become An Addictive Sport.

It is very possible you could begin to buy things you don’t need at all just because you have a coupon for it. Self control can become harder to accomplish when the ultimate goal is savings. Remember every sport has it’s rules and when couponing only buying items you need should be the golden rule.

Sometimes The Off-Brand Is Still Cheaper.

If you really are trying to save money be realistic on what is more important brand or price. Just because you have a coupon for an item doesn’t mean it is the most affordable option. Granted savings is still savings but a coupon does not make it the best deal in town. Remember to shop around and be honest with yourself.




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