Good guys VS Bad guys THE MIND OF A TODDLER

Good guys VS Bad guys THE MIND OF A TODDLER

“Son, there are good guys and bad guys in this world. However, it can be confusing as good guys don’t always wear capes nor do bad guys always wear villain makeup.”

“What do you mean?” I could see him envisioning Batman and the Joker.
“You can’t tell if someone is a good guy or a bad guy just by looking at them. If the Joker was disguised as Batman and did bad things, then would he be a hero or a villain?”
“Well, he is a bad guy.”
“Exactly. It doesn’t matter how people look. It matters how they act and how they treat people; but even then you can’t know for sure.”
“Well, how can you tell?” Now I had his attention, this was the moment to teach him about integrity.
“What is important is who you are when no one is looking.”
“So if I get into the fridge when no one is looking, am I a bad guy?”
“No. You made a bad choice. That doesn’t make you a bad person.”
“I don’t get it.”
“Son, during your lifetime, you are going to make good choices and bad choices. When you become a bad person is when you choose not to care about the difference; you no longer care about how your choices affect others.”
“So are people born bad?”
“No. People are either taught to be bad or have given up on trying to be good.”
“Why are bad people bad?”
“Everyone has their reasons.”
“Can bad people be good?”
“Bad people can do nice things but it’s about who you choose to be everyday.”
“Can we make bad people good?”
“I thought you would never ask. It isn’t our job to change people. It’s our job to love them.”
“What like kiss them? *giggles*
“No silly. You know how the bible says we love because God loved us first.”
“When you are kind to others you show them the love you received from God. We were created to desire that love. Some people feel God missing and don’t know that it is actually God that they need; so they begin to fill that emptiness with other stuff. When people see that you aren’t empty, they are going to want to know your secret to happiness. This is your opportunity to tell them about the love of Jesus; and if they choose to follow Jesus, then He will teach them how to be good people.”
“So I just need to be nice and stuff?”
“You just need to be you, everyday.”
“Okay mom.” He tenderly said as he leaped up to run and play. As I watched him make his way to the back door, I couldn’t help but to bask in the moment, as I knew he had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment. It was then that he suddenly stopped, turned around, and came back to kiss my cheek; while proclaiming,
“I love you, Mom.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that it hit me…my four year old thinks, I’m the villain!!

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