Ginger Aid Tea Review For Pregnancy Symptoms

Ginger Aid Tea Review For Pregnancy Symptoms

No matter the weather a cup of soothing hot tea is always comforting especially when you are pregnant and seeking relief form the discomforts that come with the territory. Ginger tea has been used for centuries for the comfort it provides. It seems only natural to take a closer look at what it can do for you and your pregnancy symptoms.

What are the Benefits of Ginger Tea For Pregnant Woman According to American Doctors?

*Aids Nausea  (morning sickness)
*Reduces Heartburn
*Helps Digestion

Is Ginger Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Much to my surprise this is quite the controversial topic. Many American doctors recommend it to relieve nausea and occasional heartburn. However in Germany pregnant woman are advised to stay away from ginger all together because they believe ginger can cause miscarriage. Currently I am 23 weeks pregnant and have been drinking ginger tea for eight weeks, two times a week. It was not until I decided to write this review that I even realized the safety of ginger tea was kind of up in the air.

My Experience and Review

Brand: Traditional Medicinals
Amount: 1 Cup

During the past eight weeks my little bundle of joy seems to be growing A LOT of hair. How do I know? Heartburn. In desperation I searched the web for natural remedies to this intense discomfort. Among the many odd and borderline kinda crazy suggestions Ginger Tea seemed to be a good place to start my experimenting. I waited until my throat was on fire and made a nice hot cup.

The first few sips seemed to intensify the burning in my throat but I kept sipping to give it a chance to kick in. The more I drank the better my symptoms got. Over the past couple of months it seems to have really helped the heartburn however I can’t say it really helped my nausea. I tried to get down a cup when I was sick to my stomach and it made no difference. All in all this tea didn’t deliver everything it promised but when suffering from heartburn I”m not upset it doesn’t work for nausea.

Would I recommend Ginger Aid Tea For Pregnancy Symptoms?

Yes…HOWEVER contact your doctor to discuss what is right for you and your pregnancy. My recommendation is based purely from the relief Ginger Tea gave me while experiencing heartburn. Also keep in mind everything in moderation.

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