Free First Birthday Smash Cake: A Family Tradition

Free First Birthday Smash Cake: A Family Tradition


Wal-Mart will give you a free first birthday smash cake for your child’s first birthday with any purchase of a designer cake order.

We paid $19.98 for a 1/4 sheet cake that was Strawberry Short cake themed.

What is a smash cake?
Exactly what it sounds like…

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Make sure when you order your cake that you specifically request your FREE smash cake because Wal-Mart does not advertise this promotion, it is by request only. In fact it is such a hush hush secret when I went to check out the cashier was looking for the sticker to ring it up. When I told her it was free she said “I didn’t know we did that.”

Be warned that when ordering a cake from Wal-Mart you need to do it about a week in advance because they have to order the cake toppers. I didn’t give myself enough time this year with my daughter Payton and had to call around and because it was so short notice I had to pick from the extras they had from over ordering. I picked a cake without seeing it first and when I showed up I was floored. Since when did Strawberry short cake wear short shorts?

This is what I was expecting…that is what I got.

strawberryshortcakeunnamed (2)

Here are pictures of the designer cakes each of my kids got.

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Here are the matching smash cakes.

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You know you are a mom when you begin to realize your age based off of your kids birthdays! I hope this helps your birthday budget.


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