Free Alternatives to ABC Mouse

Free Alternatives to ABC Mouse

We all care about our kids education. We all know that you can’t put a price on education. However no one said that education had to cost and that if you don’t pay for it that you don’t care. ABC mouse is the Wal-Mart of online education sites, one stop shopping. However if you are willing to take a few minutes to bookmark a couple of sites and are willing to click a few extra times between sites than you can get it all for free.

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Here is the list of quality education alternatives!

1. a free alternative to ABC Mouse


This is by far my three year old sons favorite learning site! It is organized by grade and subject. The games are of high quality and of have a wide variety of ways to learn. If you have a touch screen laptop your kids will go nuts on this site. Before Turtle Diary my son was struggling to learn his ABC’s but now he can even write them. He saw letters, heard them, traced them and matched them. My son will spend an average of about thirty minutes a day on this site learning. If you only bookmark this one site you will be in good shape.

2. free alternative to ABC Mouse


If your child has a favorite cartoon character than chances are they can come play and learn with them on Sprout Online. My son  loves Thomas the train and the puzzle games keep him thinking and growing. This site has several levels of difficulty so once your child masters a game they can up the stakes. Also there are free printouts and activities. Sprout is very organized and easy to navigate so my toddler can jump around without sending up red flags all over my desktop. Bonus they can do activities that have a chance to be featured on TV. So there is always a chance your little one will see their name in lights! Ready for this mom, its free!

3. free alternative to ABC Mouse


PBS Kids is similar to sprout online but has different cartoon friends to play with. The games are high quality and the learning possibilities are endless. However PBS has advice for parents such as healthy recipes and parting tips. Does your child have a birthday coming up? PBS Kids has great ideas for party themes to go with your kiddos favorite cartoon characters.This site is great for parents and kids alike!

4. a free alternative to ABC Mouse






This site was recommended to me by a first grade teacher. My son loves the phonics! This site focuses on ABC’S and helping kids learn to read. Starfall does however have mathematics and songs as well. Starfall Education Foundation is a publicly supported charity. This site is free but does have upgraded options that you can pay for. We have used the free resources on the site and have enjoyed it very much.

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