Eight Ways to Time Out

8 Ways to Time outEight ways to Time Out. We all know that every kids is different and responds to discipline in a different way. Here are eight ideas and hopefully one does the trick for your little one.

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1. Glitter Time Out

This method is going around Pinterest like Crazy! All it takes is a bottle of water, glitter, and tacky glue. Shake the bottle and set it in front of your toddler. They are not allowed out of timeout until the glitter has settled at the bottom of the bottle. This helps calm cranky kids. Giving toddlers something to focus on can break the tantrum cycle.

Get the full tutorial here

2. Time out Rug

A time out rug is a great area for small children. Because there is no risk of falling or getting hurt this is a safe method of time out. Consistency is key when choosing a space to calm down.

Get ideas for time out rugs here

3. Time out Chair

Time out chairs are great for kids two years and older. At this age they have control over their body and should be able to support themselves in a chair without falling and getting hurt. Sometimes toddlers just need to slow down to calm down.

Get ideas for time out chairs here

4. Go to your room time out

Some children get embarrassed by being publicly disciplined. The embarrassment can lead to more bad behavior. In this case it is best to let them calm down alone. Their room is a safe place and can be a good place to take a break. However keeping them in their room for long periods of time can lead to sleep disorders. Long periods of time in a child’s bedroom can cause association of discipline with their room. So use this method in moderation and with caution.

5. Timer Time Out

Consistency is key when practicing discipline. Setting a timer for time out will keep your children from having anxiety while in time out. Anxiety will only lead to more bad behavior. Even though you want time out to leave an impression you don’t want it to be stressful. The timer also keeps toddlers from asking if they can get out of time out. Once they learn that they cannot move until the buzzer goes off they remain quite and relaxed.

Get the time out timer used on Nanny 911 here

6. Standing in the Corner Time out

Sometimes letting little ones get tired legs will slow them down. A minute per year of age is the recommendation. My son really dislikes to stand vs. sitting so for greater crimes comes greater punishment. If we are having a rough day then we move to corner time outs. Eventually kids will get tired and either stop the bad behavior or take a nap.

7.  Hands on the Wall Time Out

Once again the next level of time out would be standing in the corner with hand on the wall. This keeps your toddler from having freedom to move. This is recommended for harsh crimes such as hurting others. However remember one minute for each year of age. If your child tells you they are uncomfortable find another method of discipline. Your child’s safety is always first priority.

8. Silent Time Out

Turn off all electronics and create a silent space. Sometimes noise and activity can be over stimulating and create bad behavior. Creating a calm space without clutter will allow your child to calm down.


Good luck moms. Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful. If you have any more tips or tricks please leave a comment below! Remember to share and pin to help other moms out.

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