Duty Day for the Navy Wife

Duty Day for the Navy Wife

Duty DayDuty is when your spouse has to stay on the ship for 24 hours over night. On weekdays they will leave to go to work like normal and won’t come home until the end of the following work day.
On weekend duty days they will muster at the normal work day time and usually be released the following morning after muster. Not every circulation is the same but my husband has duty once every eight days. Unfortunately that means every five weeks he only gets a one day weekend for two weeks in a row. (When duty falls on Saturday or Sunday)
When your spouse is on duty they will be assigned to stand watch most likely for several hours. The times of the watches rotate and someone gets stuck with the “late night” or “early morning” watch depending on how you look at it. This means there will be times when your loved one will be up most of the night and work a full day leaving them exhausted. It is important to be understanding of the crazy schedule and let the occasional cat nap slide. ūüėČ

So as a Navy Wife what does duty day mean for you?



Duty Day Check List for the Navy Wife

1. Make sure there are enough clean uniforms ready to go the day before duty. Remember to wash socks and underwear.

2. Make sure your spouse has the proper finances to eat or have food prepared and ready to grab in the morning.

3. Set the alarm at least 20 min earlier on duty day because it gives them time to collect anything they might have forgotten.

4.¬†If you have small children it is also nice to have a¬†simple easy fast meal on duty nights¬†so you aren’t trying to cook with a screaming toddler. I always consider duty when making my weekly meal plan.

5. If you have children I recommend that you have a dad and kids routine the night before to get in some bonding time. In our home dad always gives the baths and tucks everyone in.

At first I was very lonely on duty nights and a little lost considering my husband and I never went a day apart until boot camp. However over time duty day became our time to miss each other and that is really healthy in a marriage!

TIP: Developing a hobby like crocheting is also rewarding and gives you something to look forward to on those nights you have to yourself.

Warning: Sometimes duty day can fall on important events like birthdays. Your spouse can request leave in advance but there is no guarantee that it will be approved. As a Navy wife you learn to expect the unexpected and that will make you tough. Hooyah!

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