Caring for Toddlers While Pregnant

Caring for Toddlers While Pregnant

I try to only blog about the positive because the world is already filled with enough negativity. However sometimes the truth although not “negative” is, well, messy and sometimes even down right ugly. When we got pregnant with our third child I was ecstatic but also scared of how life was going to change. In a frenzy I began to Google;

“What is it like to have three kids?”
“What is middle child syndrome?”
“How much more expensive is three kids vs two?”
“What is better an SUV or a van?”

I had confidence that being pregnant with a three year old and 21 month old was manageable and focused my hormone induced anxiety on thinking about the first three months after giving birth. It was in the moments when my daughter was crying and my son was screaming for milk that the fear of sleep depervation plus a crying baby during this type of episode hit me. It is so easy to imagine myself as the breastfeeding zombie trying to give extra love to my two most likely jealous/territorial toddlers when I will be my most drained. I stare into space imagining that I am a ball of silly puddy that has been rolled flat and pulled until torn and that is the fear of days to come. None of this has happened yet I am only 33 weeks pregnant but in my mind it seems so real. Continue Reading.

I could only post a teaser of this humorous article I wrote that is featured by On All Out Blog. Click continue reading to get the full article. 





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