Can I Bleach Over Red Henna?

Can I Bleach Over Red Henna?

The answer in short is,  Kinda. Will you get the results you want the first time, probably not. At first I was very pleased with my results but after about a week the red started to show through. The Henna dominated not only the bleach but the intense black hair dye. When in artificial lighting it wasn’t very noticeable but when in the sunlight streaks and highlights of red showed through. If you are truly committed to changing your hair color than you will need patience and several applications. The bleach only fried about a pencil width of my hair but that is something to consider. (Results were unpredictable and inconsistent.)

I am not a hairdresser however my mother did my hair and she was a hairdresser for 20 years and owned 3 beauty salons. I do not recommend doing this yourself unless you have experience.

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After using Mehandi henna for about a year with great results however I got board and wanted to change my look. If you read around people will tell you not to bleach over henna. Against the advice of many people I decided to chemically dye my hair black and bleach a streak blonde over red henna.

Here are my results after one application of bleach and one application of toner.












The Supplies I used to Chemically Dye My Hair BLACK

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and got;
*Ion Intense Black  liquid hair dye
*Ion 18 Volume Developer

The Supplies I Used to Bleach Over Red Henna:

*Clairol B2 Bleach Powder Packet
*20 Volume Developer
*Ion Repair Conditioner Packet
*Wella Pale Ash Blonde Toner


*Latex free gloves
*Brush applicator
*Plastic bowl
*Petroleum jelly
*Bobby pins
*Old towel

To Dye My Hair Black I:

  1. Mixed the appropriate measurements of hair dye and developer according to the brand applied it to my hair. Next I covered my hair with a plastic bag.
  2. Wait 35 minutes to let it develop.
  3. Than I shampooed my hair and left the repair conditioner on for ten minutes before rinsing.
  4. Last but not least I blow dried my hair to see my results.

To Bleach My Streak I:

  1. Mixed the appropriate measurements of bleach and developer according to the brand.
  2. Bobby pinning the hair I did not want to bleach away from the hair I did want to bleach,
  3. Laying a foil down under my hair I applied the bleach to my red henna hair.
  4. I let it develop for 20 minutes.
  5. Next I shampooed my hair but did not condition it.
  6. Towel dry hair.
  7. Mixed the appropriate measurements of toner and developer according to the brand.
  8. Repeat steps 1-3.
  9. Let develop for 40 min.
  10. Shampoo and condition hair.
  11. Blow dry for results.

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