Buy Felicity Smoak’s Glasses From Arrow

Buy Felicity Smoak’s Glasses From Arrow

Felicity Smoak from the hit TV show Arrow is one of the few female bombshells on television today wearing glasses.

Felicity Smoak is trendy, fashion forward, and highly intelligent. Who wouldn’t want to be like her? If you are a girl who wears glasses and has watched Arrow you have thought undoubtedly at least once that you want, no, need her glasses. If you have taken to the internet on the search to buy those famous frames than you know every link is a dead end or 404 error message. After a year of searching I am confident in delivering you the sad news, you can’t buy them because they don’t make them anymore. Stop searching for Felicity Smoak’s iconic glasses.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to see similar eye wear options.

They were made by a company called Jastime. When you search this company it is a site that uses the domain Jastime but is really a company called Just a Second and they sell watches. Some sites will even tell you about a site called Readerstoreonline which is also not an active site anymore.

If you are insistent on owning and bragging about owning these glasses here are some creative ideas. Creating custom glasses can get very expensive usually ranging between $300-$500 or more. If you are a die hard fan this might be a drastic but viable option. Another creative option for getting your hands on a pair of these beautiful spectacles would be making them with a 3D printer. A company would make a fortune if they would create a  knock off version available for the public.

When you search for Felicity Smoak Eyeglasses the first few links lead you on a wild goose chase. Here is the low down on each site.

The Take

The take will lead you to a page that claims to be sold out. When you click on the sold out button it will redirect you to nowhere. If you read in the comment section you will see someone asking when they will be back in stock. They replied by informing a fellow Arrow fan that they do not hold inventory and to keep an eye to see if Jastime restocks them. This comment was left 7 months ago. The only problem is Jastime isn’t around anymore. The sad truth is they are leaving this page up for traffic.

Shop Your TV

Shop Your TV is another site you will get referred to. No picture of eye wear will appear and when you click on the link it takes you no where. Two people have left a comment to let the site know that the information is not helpful and Shop Your TV did not respond. Once more this site is leaving this page up for traffic to help boost their site.

The Hunt

You will get excited when you see this site because it will have a picture with a banner that says “PERFECT” and a little “BUY” button. You will be quickly disappointed because when you click on the “BUY” button it will take you to Amazon  with a “zero matches found”. Shame on but another company leaving up a dead link for clicks.

Glasses Similar to Felicity Smoak’s

Keep in mind that similar means that these options will vary in shape and color combinations.
There is not a dead ringer knock off but here is what I could find that was the closest to the idea.

Best Match- Lafont Opera 530 Havana And Amber Plastic Rectangle 53mm Eyeglasses

Other Options

1. Wayfarer Two Toned Prescription RXable Eye Glasses Frames

2. JAY (Black and Clear)

3. Bobbie Brown

4. Giorgio Armani

5. Michael Kors

Have you found a similar pair of glasses? If so please leave the link in the comments! 

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