Being a Mom is Awesome

Being a Mom is Awesome

BEING MOMBeing mom is like being several people and not being schizophrenic . I never question my sanity but I do question my how one person could wish for more hours in the day and count down the hours until bedtime. Mom’s are walking contradictions that aren’t hypocritical. Mom’s are a phenomenon, a glitch in nature that nature depends on. For the first few years of a child’s life a mother even sounds like a broken record in different tones and just like music it comes from the heart. How do you separate the woman from what she does? She is certainly more than the chores she does but without them how would her character be used. A hard worker with out work is simply someone who has a hard time figuring out what to do with themselves. A woman can of course be without her chores and still be who she is but a mother without her children is never the same. You could strip down who she is piece by piece but she would still be somewhat together if you take her children she is not even a piece of herself. Being mom isn’t doing something or even really being anything, it’s who you are. The best parts of my character were built by my children from the challenges, love, and the need for patience. Being a mom is the most important thing I have ever done.

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