Behind the Scenes of The Sticky Apron

Behind the Scenes of The Sticky Apron

The Sticky Apron is pulling back the curtain to give you an exclusive behind the scenes. Today I am inviting you into my home and office where the magic happens. The Sticky Apron was created originally out of the lack of information for soon to be Navy Wives and grew into a blog about everything I am an expert in; motherhood, navy wife life, recipes, marriage and encouragement. It brings me great joy to share my story with you and to get personal. On the internet today there are so many other places you could be and I want to say thank you for visiting here.

The Sticky Apron Headquarters

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Psyche! This is what I would like you to think my office looks like. That it is clean and clutter free to help keep me calm and focused. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a distraction free environment to create in. However I am a MOM of two small children so this is what it looks like when I wake up. Lets fast forward to about 11 am and see what my office really looks like.

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Being a mom blogger sometimes means your to busy being a mom to blog. So throughout the day my office can turn into; a diaper changing station, medical zone, play area, day care, or even timeout area. It is common to have sippy cups spill on my paperwork and to stub my toe on new toys that seem to appear within seconds. Most of the time I hear Old McDonald in the background and am being asked for a snack. However it is in this chaotic environment that I get my best inspiration because if I wasn’t busy being a mom I wouldn’t have anything to write about on my mom blog.

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It is not all tots and toys however. My desk is positioned right in front of our bay window where I get a great view of the sky and many mature trees. One of the greatest charms of our street is that the mail boxes are hung on the house and our mail man hand delivers our mail on foot. Our mail mans name is Michael and he always brings toy catalogs for our son when he can. These days are a blessing because I get so much done around the house when my son gets to fantasy shop.

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Is that a band-aid on your desk? Yes it is and the story is very personal to my websites story. My family is very supportive of my blog and they offer me a lot of encouragement. If you don’t know we are a family of 7 now. Under one roof lives; My husband, myself, our son, our daughter, my mother, my husbands father, and our roommate. Oh and of course our two dogs and my son’s fish. Anyways in the beginning of my blogging days my mother gave me money to purchase a desk so that I would have a space to write. This was a moment in my life when I was amazed at the love others have for me. I got teary eyed and repeatedly thanked my mother for believing in me enough to invest in me. I went to Wal-Mart bought myself a desk, brought it home, and assembled it. It wasn’t until it was fully put together that I noticed the surface of the desk was damaged. I was very upset and kind of lost control of my emotions. I built it with my own hands and now I would have to tear it down and return it. It didn’t take long for me to see my mothers disappointment and then I started to stop thinking about my emotions. Inspired by my children I got a band-aid out of my first aid kit and gently rolled it on the desk. Looking at my mom I said “Now it’s all better.” Hoping to get a laugh I kissed the desk. What I thought at first was an imperfection just made it mine. I really believe that God gave me that experience so I could look at my life and difficult situations with a new attitude.


I could show you around my office or my house but to really show you behind the scenes I need to share with you what makes me who I am. The magic behind The Sticky Apron is my family. Serving them and loving one another is our purpose. It is only for each other that we do the hard things in life. My husband joined the Military to provide for us. I am a domestic engineer to create and maintain home and safe haven for everyone I love. My children just love that is all they have to do and what they are good at. So here it is the honest truth of what makes this blog what it is.

Thank you so much for coming to my blog and my home today. I hope you have a blessed day and would love to get to know you better as well. Leave a comment below or send me a private message. You can never have to many friends.

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