Back-to-School Head Lice Problem Management

Back-to-School Head Lice Problem Management

Almost all of us have been there. You send your kid to school and soon enough you get THE CALL: “We have to inform you that your child has lice. Come to school to pick him up”. The first thing that crosses everyone’s mind is: “Why my child? He is clean and we take care of hygiene”. The truth is that dirt does not have so much in common with lice. So, no matter how clean your child might be, lice are an infestation which is related to close contact. Kids’ hair is finer and thinner, which makes them more probable targets for this annoying problem. That does not mean you have to give up on trying to prevent it or capitulate without a fight once the problem occurs. Here is how to prevent lice or deal with it and get your kid back on class as soon as possible.

First, Understand the Scope of the Problem

You must be aware of your odds. Lice is actually the most common communicable disease in USA, leading to estimated 6 to 12 millions of affected children (3 to 11 years of age) each year. They are spread by direct contact. The good news is that the disease is not transmitted by inanimate objects like hair ribbons and hat. The head lice eggs (nits) usually die within a week if not attached to a person.

Recognize the Symptoms

Head lice are very tiny organisms, not only in their nits faze, but also in their adult state. That is why it is difficult to notice them with a bare eye. Look for signs, like itching on the scalp, behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. Itching happens as a reaction to the saliva lice inject while they are feasting on under skin blood. Sometimes you can even see sesame-seed-sized bugs walking around your child’s head, if you look it under a bright light. Though the scalp can be inhabited with several hundred lice eggs, most kids have about 10 live lice on their head at any time.

3653146826_6862f7e451_zHow to Treat Lice?

Once you notice lice on your child’s head, you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Though we usually rely on medical shampoos and permethrin, sometimes it is better to take some more natural road. Lately, many parents turn to Eco Kid products which can be purchased on Alive Skin + Hair website, because they have everything needed to get rid of annoying lice as soon as possible; from shampoos and conditioners for treatment and prevention to metal lice comb for detecting and removing head lice and their eggs and also all on reasonable prices.

What After?

Do not stop with the treatment right after you notice that the lice are gone. Continue using shampoos to make sure and to avoid any possible reemergence. You will also want to rid your home of any lice remains. Though it is hardly possible that lice survive long after they stop feeding on human’s blood, taking precautionary measures is always wise. Wash all the clothing of all the family members worn in the previous 48 hours in hot water. There is no need of washing all the items your child was in contact with, but if your child sleeps with a plush toy, you might want to put it in a hot dryer to kill the creepy-crawlies.

In the end, all we can advise is not to panic when you notice tiny white speck in your child’s hair. Sure, it is yucky and unpleasant, but it cannot cause any serious diseases and it can be dealt with rather simply. Just like first loves and fights, lice are a normal part of childhood.

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