Family Friendly April Fools Day Fun

Family Friendly April Fools Day Fun

You are never sure what memories are going to stick with a child. April Fools Day is a day with more opportunities to giggle. So remember they are only little once, let the laughs begin!

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1. There is a snake in my boot! Toy snakes in shoes are always a classic.


2. Nothing is wrong with the remote that doesn’t work. Put a piece of scotch tape over the sensor at the top of the remote and it won’t send a signal. This will baffle people and drive them crazy.

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3. There is soap but no suds?! Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. Place the bar of soap in the shower and wait…mwahh haha haha!

16198625989_d39a8fbaf9_z4. The sink sprayer is alive! Tie a rubber band or hair tie around the sing sprayer and wait for the first victim. They turn the knob and get soaked.

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5. Play-doh Gum! Mold play-doh in the shape of gum sticks and wrap them up. Yum.

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6. Oreo, toothpaste’s favorite cookie. Replace the filling of Oreo’s with toothpaste.

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7. Frozen frosted flakes. Pun intended. Put your child’s or husband’s favorite cereal in the freezer the night before.


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8. If you wanted a laugh you should have put googly eyes on it! Perfect for vegetarians who refuse to eat anything “living”.

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9. Fake Bug in Lamp Shade. It can be as simple as a paper cut out of your victims worst bug fear or maybe something more common. Spiders are not funny though…ever.


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10. A smile is always the first thing people see. Food coloring in toothpaste or on the toothbrush will make for a great laugh.


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Disclaimer: Every photo is linked with credit to author. Pranks are not given credit because the original origin of each prank is unknown. Enjoy.


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