Am I messing my kids up? Am I a bad Parent?

Am I messing my kids up? Am I a bad Parent?

Am I a Bad Parent? It’s temping isn’t it? To read about how you are messing your kids up.

It is your private fear almost begging for confirmation your doing this all wrong. Holding your breath you scan through the numbered list praying you aren’t guilty of any of the 10 Ways You Are Messing Your kids Up. Then devastation hits you, Oh no, you remember one time a few weeks and NO maybe days ago you did number six. It was only once but surely that is all it takes. Well game over…parenting level zero. That nagging question, “Am I a bad parent”, seems to have been answered.

Am I a Bad Parent?

Let’s have a heart to heart for a moment. If you were an uncaring parent then you wouldn’t even bother reading these articles. If you are searching for way’s to improve as a parent then you are not a bad parent. Did you speed read over that? Let it sink in, if you read those articles and you are reading this one then you are NOT a bad parent. You care enough to step back and say, “Okay how can I do this with more love and compassion, how can I give my kids the best future?

These negative articles use your insecurities to manipulate you into clicking their link. They don’t care that if you find just even one of your weaknesses in their poorly written articles, that it hurts you. All they care about is traffic to their site because the higher the numbers the more they can charge for advertising. I am a blogger and work very hard to get traffic to my blog so I understand the business model, It isn’t fair.

The truth is, it isn’t helping you.


If you are doing something wrong, I mean something that could actually mess your kids up then you will know it. You will feel it in your gut and you will think to yourself, that wasn’t right. We do have parenting instincts, and even though they don’t tell you how to get your kids to clean their rooms, it will tell you what is right and wrong.

Clicking on that link and reading about how you are a failure will not make you a better parent. In fact the stress will make it more difficult for you to make the right choices. In a world that feeds on negativity we can be eaten alive. Instead seek articles with words of empowerment such as, 10 Ways Anyone Can Improve Their Parenting. Sometimes we need a new perspective and we want to know how others are handling the issues we face day to day. Sometimes you feel like you have just tried everything and need some fresh ideas. Reading articles online can be helpful and encouraging when they are written from a place of love. Many bloggers have rushed the internet because they want to help others and make a difference in the world.

If it isn’t positive, pass it.
If it is kind, click it.
Take everything with a grain of salt.



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