30 Unique Ways to Show Your Husband Love

30 Unique Ways to Show Your Husband Love

30 Unique Ways to Show Your Husband Love  “Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” -Fred Rogers

Show your husband love by;

1. When he jumps in the shower throw a towel in the dryer and warm it up for him.
2. Get the coffee pot push button ready for the next morning. That way when he wakes up he can push a button, get dressed and have a hot cup of coffee.
3. Show your husband love by setting his cloths out for him for the next day with a little note.
4. While you’re at the grocery store pick up his favorite snack and hide it. One night when he is hungry and keeps searching the cabinets you can get it out and surprise him.
5. Set up a scavenger hunt and have him collect stuff for an in the house date night adventure.
6. When he gets home from a long days work take off his boots and rub his feet as you talk about how his day went.
7. Show your husband love by giving him time for his hobbies.
8. Send him a morning text detailing what you plan for that night.
9. As your eating dinner thank him for providing for you and let him know that you appreciate his hard work.
10. Pre-powder his socks and have them in zip lock baggies ready to go in his sock drawer.
11. Turn on one of his TV shows you don’t like and cuddle up next to him. If he asks you why tell him because you want to spend time with him doing things he enjoys.
12. Draw him a warm bath.
13. When your angry don’t be mean.
14. Write him a short love letter and put it in his work pants pocket for him to find.
15. Greet him with a kiss even when your busy.
16. Tell him how handsome he is. Guys need to hear it to.
17. When you have the urge to nag tell him one thing your grateful for that he does for you.
18. Make time for the two of you even if that means pushing something on your to do list into tomorrow.
19. Get pretty everyday.
20. Stop stealing his cloths.
21. Show your husband love by caring about what he cares about.
22. Make him a playlist for travel.
23. Make traditions together.
24. When you notice the tank is low on gas make a special trip to fill it up so he doesn’t have to stop at the gas station in the morning.
26. Give him a shoulder message for no reason.
27. When you cuddle run your fingers through his hair.
28. Don’t overspend.
29. When he tells you that your beautiful accept the compliment and don’t tell him all the reasons you’re not beautiful.
30. Remind him that you need him and that he is important.

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