10 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean


  1. Put your laundry away immediately. It is easy to do you have a load in the wash, one in the dryer and your folding on the couch. You feel productive and your hard work is on display and more than likely that is were it stays. Put your laundry away immediately. Clutter is stressful.
  2. From the mail box to a mail basket, not the counter. If you don’t have a designated area for mail you are just asking for a mess. You can pic up a basket from the thrift store for a couple of bucks and clear that counter.
  3. No shoes means less sweeping. Ditch your shoes at the door especially during the fall and winter months to leave the leaves and mud outside. When you have small children a clean floor is important. You have enough to mom so hang a sign “Keep our floor neat no shoes on your feet.”
  4. Use a dish rinse a dish. Rinsing a dish only takes seconds. Scrubbing dried on food off a plate can take minutes and a lot of elbow grease. Save time and muscle.
  5. The dining room table is for food ONLY. Every table or surface is an opportune catch it all. Make it a rule that the dining room table is for food only and set out a nice center piece to encourage people to keep it clear and pretty.
  6. Pick up as you go.  If you leave it for later you leave a mess.
  7. Make your bed in the morning. It is amazing what an unmade bed does for the atmosphere of a home. Also I noticed that when your bed is unmade it makes your to do list feel over whelming because you feel like your behind.
  8. Close your dresser drawers. Need I say more? This is a pet peeve of many women so men take note.
  9. One person one dishware. Stock your cabinets with one glass, plate, bowl, and utensils per person. Set aside your extra dishes for company in another room. Most likely because it is inconvenient to go searching for a dish then people will be more likely to just wash there own dishes.
  10. Don’t let laundry hit the floor. A clear path is a safety issue. Also the floor is the majority space of a room so it it is picked up and clean then it makes a huge impact.

10 easy simple ways to keep your house clean.
Keep rockin’ mom!

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