Amazingly Soft Baby Belongings

 Amazingly Soft Baby Belongings

Babies’ skin is up to 5 times thinner than that of grown-ups, meaning it is so much more sensitive to touch and other outside influences. Therefore, we need to take special care to protect the baby’s skin.

We need to keep the baby out of the sun, hydrate and moisturize their skin often and avoid any chemicals, toxins and non-organic products in anything they get in touch with. We should use only natural, organic products, and this includes diapers, shampoo, soap, detergents, toys, bedding and clothes.

Any textiles babies come in touch with are of utter importance and it is best if they are made of 100% natural cotton and as soft as possible. Cotton is breathable, it prevents babies from sweating and most importantly, it is soft against their skin. The feeling of softness can be created with other baby belongings as well, here are a few suggestions.



There are many pieces that make a baby’s outfit, from underwear, tights, bodies, joggers, to tops and onesies. Make sure they are all cotton. Avoid fabrics that have special care instructions, or clothes that have sewn on applications such as sequins or plastic parts.


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For newborns, shoes are just thicker socks, they can be made of soft wool for example, or from leather with a furry inside. For bigger babies we need to get shoes they will actually walk in, so they need to be firm, but we should still aim for something that is soft on the inside so that their feet have an easier time adjusting to walking on a hard surface.




Every child needs a soft teddy bear, I bet we all still remember teddy bears from our childhood. It can also be made from plush or some silky material that is nice and soothing to touch. Avoid toys with plastic or wooden elements, like buttons or beads for eyes, since they may get undone and the baby might swallow them. Also try to get smaller toys for small babies, something they can actually hold.



Everything from sheets, covers, pillows, to crib pads and blankets should be as clean and as soft as possible since the baby spends most of the time in the crib. Nowadays, there are amazingly soft crib pads to be found and some of them are waterproof which might come in handy. Bedding sets come in many different designs as well as in plain white or baby pink and blue.


Sleeping bags

Until the baby reaches 12 months and can roll over, it is best to use baby sleeping bags, sleep sacks or wearable blankets instead of a blanket. They come in various designs, they can be light and made of one layer of cotton, or thick with several layers with the inside being soft and the outside made of protective plastic for colder weather. Make sure the zip is below the baby’s neck so breathing is not obstructed.

Remember that your baby spent 9 months in the womb floating in warm liquid and the new environment should recreate that cozy feeling. A happy baby is a calm baby and you will enjoy their world of softness as much as they do.

Article by Emma Lawson

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